Anguilla data



Anguilla australis distribution data

A number of sites with presence or absence of the short-finned eel (Anguilla australis) in New Zealand, and environmental data at these sites; and gridded data of the environmental variables for the study area.

type variable name values mean and range
Reach LocSed weighted average of proportional cover of bed sediment 1=mud, 2=sand, 3=fine gravel; 4=coarse gravel; 5=cobble; 6=boulder; 7=bedrock; 3.77, 1 to 7
Segment SegSumT Summer air temperature (degrees C) 16.3, 8.9 to 19.8
SegTSeas Winter air temperature (degrees C), normalised with respect to SegJanT 0.36, -4.2 to 4.1
SegLowFlow segment low flow (m3/sec), fourth root transformed 1.092, 1.0 to 4.09
Downstream DSDist distance to coast (km) 74, 0.03 to 433.4
DSDam presence of known downstream obstructions, mostly dams 0.18, 0 or 1
DSMaxSlope maximum downstream slope (degrees) 3.1, 0 to 29.7
Upstream / catchment USAvgT average temperature in catchment (deg C) compared to segment, normalised with respect to SegJanT -0.38, -7.7 to 2.2
USRainDays days/month with rain greater than 25 mm 1.22, 0.21 to 3.30
USSlope average slope in the upstream catchment (degrees) 14.3, 0 to 41.0
USNative area with indigenous forest (proportion) 0.57, 0 to 1
Fishing method fishing method in five classes: electric, net, spot, trap & mixture NA


Elith, J., J.R. Leathwick and T. Hastie, 2009. A working guide to boosted regression trees. Journal of Animal Ecology 77: 802-81

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