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Object orientated implementation of distributions

Object orientated implementation of distributions

Functions in distr

Name Description
ncp-methods Methods for Function ncp in Package `distr'
Math-methods Methods for Functions from group `Math' in Package `distr'
TParameter-class Class "TParameter"
Dirac-class Class "Dirac"
ExpOrGammaOrChisq-class Class "ExpOrGammaOrChisq"
NbinomParameter-class Class "NbinomParameter"
getLow,getUp getLow, getUp functions of package distr
Unif-class Class "Unif"
Length-methods Methods for Function Length in Package `distr'
ChisqParameter-class Class "ChisqParameter"
UnivarDistrList Generating function for UnivarDistrList-class
PoisParameter-class Class "PoisParameter"
HyperParameter-class Class "HyperParameter"
Geom-class Class "Geom"
OptionalParameter-class Classes "OptionalParameter", "OptionalMatrix"
convpow-methods Distribution of the sum of univariate i.i.d r.v's
Exp-class Class "Exp"
Nbinom-class Class "Nbinom"
UniNormParameter-class Class "UniNormParameter"
Pois-class Class "Pois"
Beta-class Class "Beta"
r-methods Methods for Function r in Package `distr'
RtoDPQ.d Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for discrete distributions
df2-methods Methods for Function df2 in Package `distr'
prob-methods Methods for Function prob in Package `distr'
df-methods Methods for Function df in Package `distr'
dim-methods Methods for Function dim in Package `distr'
Min-methods Methods for Function Min in Package `distr'
UnivariateDistribution-class Class "UnivariateDistribution"
p-methods Methods for Function p in Package `distr'
GammaParameter-class Class "GammaParameter"
Cauchy-class Class "Cauchy"
distrARITH Arithmetics on Distributions
sd-methods Methods for Function sd in Package `distr'
Hyper-class Class "Hyper"
Max-methods Methods for Function Max in Package `distr'
LnormParameter-class Class "LnormParameter"
NormParameter-class Class "NormParameter"
print-methods Methods for Functions print/show in Package `distr'
param-methods Methods for Function param in Package `distr'
Binom-class Class "Binom"
plot-methods Methods for Function plot in Package `distr'
Chisq-class Class "Chisq"
LatticeDistribution-class Class "LatticeDistribution"
Gammad-class Class "Gammad"
DistrList-class List of distributions
Parameter-class Class "Parameter"
BetaParameter-class Class "BetaParameter"
Version Management Methods for Version Management in Package `distr'
RtoDPQ Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for a.c. distributions
distr-package distr -- object orientated implementation of distributions
shape2-methods Methods for Function shape2 in Package `distr'
Weibull-class Class "Weibull"
lambda-methods Methods for Function lambda in Package `distr'
liesIn-methods Methods for Function liesIn in Package `distr'
BinomParameter-class Class "BinomParameter"
gaps-methods Methods for Functions gaps and setgaps in Package `distr'
location-methods Methods for Function location in Package `distr'
Norm-class Class "Norm"
DExp-class Class "DExp"
img-methods Methods for Function img in Package `distr'
Td-class Class "Td"
internals_for_distr Internal functions of package distr
k-methods Methods for Function k in Package `distr'
CauchyParameter-class Class "CauchyParameter"
rate-methods Methods for Function rate in Package `distr'
pivot-methods Methods for Function pivot in Package `distr'
support-methods Methods for Function support in Package `distr'
simplifyr-methods Methods for Function simplifyr in Package `distr'
Lnorm-class Class "Lnorm"
operators-methods Methods for operators +,-,*,/ in Package distr
Distribution-class Class "Distribution"
AbscontDistribution-class Class "AbscontDistribution"
UnivarDistrList-class List of univariate distributions
DiracParameter-class Class "DiracParameter"
Naturals-class Class "Naturals"
scale-methods Methods for Function scale in Package `distr'
width-methods Methods for Function width in Package `distr'
Reals-class Class "Reals"
distroptions functions to change the global variables of the package `distr'
name-methods Methods for Function name in Package `distr'
shape-methods Methods for Function shape in Package `distr'
df1-methods Methods for Function df1 in Package `distr'
p.l-methods Methods for Function p.l in Package `distr'
shape1-methods Methods for Function shape1 in Package `distr'
dimension-methods Methods for Function dimension in Package `distr'
liesInSupport Generic Function for Testing the Support of a Distribution
standardMethods Utility to automatically generate accessor and replacement functions
q-methods Methods for Function q in Package `distr'
size-methods Methods for Function size in Package `distr'
EuclideanSpace-class Class "EuclideanSpace"
Lattice-class Class "Lattice"
meanlog-methods Methods for Function meanlog in Package `distr'
sdlog-methods Methods for Function sdlog in Package `distr'
n-methods Methods for Function n in Package `distr'
Fd-class Class "Fd"
DiscreteDistribution-class Class "DiscreteDistribution"
GeomParameter-class Class "GeomParameter"
mean-methods Methods for Function mean in Package `distr'
q.r-methods Methods for Function q.r in Package `distr'
FParameter-class Class "FParameter"
Logis-class Class "Logis"
DistrList Generating function for DistrList-class
WeibullParameter-class Class "WeibullParameter"
distrMASK Masking of/by other functions in package "distr"
d-methods Methods for Function d in Package `distr'
ExpParameter-class Class "ExpParameter"
m-methods Methods for Function m in Package `distr'
LogisParameter-class Class "LogisParameter"
rSpace-class Class "rSpace"
UnifParameter-class Class "UnifParameter"
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Date 2007-07-27
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License GPL (version 2 or later)
URL http://www.uni-bayreuth.de/departments/math/org/mathe7/DISTR/
Packaged Sun Jul 29 23:34:21 2007; Peter

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