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Streamlines the process of versioning R packages and updating NEWS. Numbers are cheap, why not use them?



The goal of fledge is to streamline the process of versioning R packages and updating NEWS. Numbers are cheap, why not use them?

Currently, this "works for me", use at your own risk.


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Workflow for development

The fledge package assumes an R package that is version-controlled with Git in a dedicated repository. It will take care of updating NEWS.md and DESCRIPTION when you want to assign a new version to your package.

  1. In commit messages to master, mark everything that should go to NEWS.md with a bullet point (- or *). This works for single commits, merge commits, or pull requests.
  2. When you want to assign a version number to the current state of your R package, call

  3. (Optional.) Edit NEWS.md as appropriate. When done, call


This has the following effects:

  • NEWS.md is composed from bits in your most recent commit messages, no need to resolve merge conflicts in NEWS.md anymore
  • A new version number is assigned automatically (this is modeled after usethis::use_version())
  • A tag matching the version number is assigned automatically, with the most recent NEWS included in the tag's message. When you push the tag:
    • contributors @-mentioned in the NEWS will be notified
    • links will be added to issues or pull requests referenced from NEWS entries
    • the tag will be listed on GitHub in the "Releases", it's very easy to convert it to a proper release by copying the message that's already part of the tag

Workflow for releasing to CRAN

  1. Call


    (or "minor" or "major" as appropriate).

  2. Edit NEWS.md, convert the changelog to a higher-level description of features and bug fixes.
  3. Call

  4. Make last-minute adjustments before releasing to CRAN.

  5. When accepted, call

    fledge::tag_version(force = TRUE)

    to tag the released version and to switch to a development version immediately.

First-time users

Setting up fledge isn't much different from the regular development workflow:

  1. Bump the package version with


    The NEWS.md file may grow large, especially if you haven't used tags in your repository before.

  2. Edit NEWS.md, call

  3. From here on, switch to the development workflow. Don't forget to use bullet points in your commit or merge messages to indicate NEWS-worthy changes!

NEWS generation

New entries are added to NEWS.md from commit messages to commits in master. Only top-level commits are considered (roughly equivalent to git log --first-parent.) In those commits, the messages are parsed. Only lines that start with a star * or a dash - are included, and a line that starts with three dashes makes sure that everything past that line isn't included. Example: The following commit message:

Merge f-fancy-feature to master, closes #5678

- Added fancy feature (#5678).

- Fixed bug as a side effect (#9012).


The fancy feature consists of the follwing components:

- foo
- bar
- baz

will be added as:

- Added fancy feature (#5678).
- Fixed bug as a side effect (#9012).

to NEWS.md.

When retrieving the current NEWS for defining the tag message, the entries between the first two first-level headers (starting with #) are returned. You can use second- and third-level headers and add as many empty lines as you want.


The main entry point is bump_version(), which does the following:

  1. update_news(): collects NEWS entries from top-level commits
  2. update_version(): bump version in DESCRIPTION, add header to NEWS.md
  3. Depending on the release type:
    • "dev" releases: finalize_version(): commit DESCRIPTION and NEWS.md, create tag with message
    • other releases: commit_version(): only commit DESCRIPTION and NEWS.md

You can always edit NEWS.md and call finalize_version() again. Both the commit and the tag will be updated.


If you rebase after creating a tag, you need to call finalize_version() to make sure the tag is moved to the mainline branch.

If you pushed after calling finalize_version() (directly or indirectly), the tag may have been pushed as well. In this case, invoke git push origin :vx.y.z.9www (where x.y.z.9www is the new version) to delete the newly created remote tag. Because of this, only "dev" releases are tagged automatically, other releases always must be tagged manually with tag_version().


Install from GitHub via


Functions in fledge

Name Description
get_top_level_commits TBD
bump_version Bump package version
commit_version Commits NEWS.md and DESCRIPTION to Git
update_news Update NEWS.md with messages from top-level commits
finalize_version Finalize package version
get_last_tag TBD
update_version Update NEWS.md and DESCRIPTION with a new version
tag_version Create a new version tag
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Date 2018-06-02
License GPL-3
URL https://github.com/krlmlr/fledge, http://krlmlr.github.io/fledge
BugReports https://github.com/krlmlr/fledge/issues
Remotes ropensci/git2r
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
Roxygen list(markdown = TRUE)

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