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Flexible Cluster Algorithms

The main function kcca implements a general framework for k-centroids cluster analysis supporting arbitrary distance measures and centroid computation. Further cluster methods include hard competitive learning, neural gas, and QT clustering. There are numerous visualization methods for cluster results (neighborhood graphs, convex cluster hulls, barcharts of centroids, ...), and bootstrap methods for the analysis of cluster stability.

Functions in flexclust

Name Description
image-methods Methods for Function image in Package `flexclust'
info Get Information on Fitted Flexclust Objects
flxColors Flexclust Color Palettes
histogram-methods Methods for Function histogram in Package `flexclust'
birth Birth and Death Rates
priceFeature Artificial 2d Market Segment Data
clusterSim Cluster Similarity Matrix
projAxes Add Arrows for Projected Axes to a Plot
slswFlexclust Segment Level Stability Within Solution.
conversion Conversion Between S3 Partition Objects and KCCA
dentitio Dentition of Mammals
kcca K-Centroids Cluster Analysis
dist2 Compute Pairwise Distances Between Two Data sets
nutrient Nutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl
milk Milk of Mammals
parameters Get Centroids from KCCA Object
distances Distance and Centroid Computation
pairs-methods Methods for Function pairs in Package `flexclust'
flexclustControl-class Classes "flexclustControl" and "cclustControl"
kcca2df Convert Cluster Result to Data Frame
plot-methods Methods for Function plot in Package `flexclust'
predict-methods Predict Cluster Membership
propBarchart Barcharts and Boxplots for Columns of a Data Matrix Split by Groups
shadowStars Shadow Stars
randIndex Compare Partitions
stepFlexclust Run Flexclust Algorithms Repeatedly
relabel Relabel Cluster Results.
shadow Cluster Shadows and Silhouettes
stripes Stripes Plot
slsaplot Segment Level Stability Across Solutions Plot.
qtclust Stochastic QT Clustering
volunteers Motivation of Australian Volunteers
vacmot Vacation Motives of Australians
randomTour Plot a Random Tour
bwplot-methods Box-Whisker Plot Methods in Package `flexclust'
achieve Achievement Test Scores for New Haven Schools
barplot-methods Barplot/chart Methods in Package `flexclust'
cclust Convex Clustering
bclust Bagged Clustering
auto Automobile Customer Survey Data
bootFlexclust Bootstrap Flexclust Algorithms
Nclus Artificial Example with 4 Gaussians
bundestag German Parliament Election Data
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Date 2018-09-20
License GPL-2
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NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-09-20 11:08:49 UTC; leisch
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-09-24 22:50:03 UTC

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