flowUtils v1.36.0

by Josef Spidlen

Utilities for flow cytometry

Provides utilities for flow cytometry data.

Functions in flowUtils

Name Description
read.gatingML Function to parse a Gating-ML XML file into objects in the R environment
flowUtils-package Utilities for flow cytometry data
testGatingMLCompliance Function to perform all the Gating-ML compliance tests
write.gatingML Function to write a Gating-ML XML file based on gating and transformation objects stored in an R environment.
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Type Package
Collate AllClasses.R gatingML.R helperFunctions.R gate-methods.R transforms.R parameter-methods.R compensation.R workflow2FlowJo.R writeGatingML.R zzz.R
License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Infrastructure, FlowCytometry, CellBasedAssays, DecisionTree
URL https://github.com/jspidlen/flowUtils
BugReports https://github.com/jspidlen/flowUtils/issues

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