flowViz v1.36.2

by MJiang

Visualization for flow cytometry

Provides visualization tools for flow cytometry data.

Functions in flowViz

Name Description
prepanel.ecdfplot.flowset Method implementing Lattice ECDF plots for flow data
gpoints-methods Adding points within a gate to a plot
contour-methods Contour plots for flow data
xyplot,flowFrame,missing-method Methods implementing Lattice xyplots for flow data.
plot Very basic plotting of flowFrames
addName-methods Add gate names to a flowViz plot.
flowPlot Standard Plots for Flow Cytometry Data
gpolygon-methods Drawing filter regions
densityplot One-dimensional density/histogram plots for flow data
glpolygon-methods Drawing filter regions
flowViz-package Visualization for flow cytometry
timeLinePlot Plot channel values against time
splom Method implementing Lattice scatter plot matrices for flow data.
levelplot,formula,flowSet-method Methods implementing Lattice displays for flow data
flowViz.par.get Query and set session-wide graphical parameter defaults.
glpoints-methods Adding points within a gate to a plot
glines-methods Drawing filter boundaries
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Type Package
License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Infrastructure, FlowCytometry, CellBasedAssays, Visualization
VignetteBuilder knitr

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