functionMap v1.0.0

by Gábor Csárdi

Draw the Function Map for a R Package

Extract all function calls from an R package, or a set of R scripts. Create a network of functions that can be then visualized. Can also extract the places of the function definitions and function calls and export them in a 'JSON' file.



Function Map of an R Package

Project Status: WIP - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. Linux Build Status Windows Build status CRAN RStudio mirror downloads Coverage Status

Extract all function calls from an R package, or a set of R scripts. Create a network of functions that can be then visualized. Can also extract the places of the function definitions and function calls and export them in a 'JSON' file.





Use the map_r_script to map a single R script, map_r_folder to recursively map a folder of R files, or map_r_package to map an R package.

All three functions return a function_map object, that can be printed, exported and visualized.

Pretty printing

The default function_map print method lists the function calls in a nice form. For packages, exported functions are marked with a star, and calls to other packages are highlighted with a different color.


GPL 2 © Mango Solutions

Functions in functionMap

Name Description
actively_find_funcs Try harder to find functions that are called
default_r_file_pattern Default pattern for R files
add_namespaces Add namespace information to a map of an R package
check_pkg_dir Check if a path is an R package root directory
data_frame Alternative to data.frame
create_function_map Create a function_map object from a parsed result
deps Dependencies of all functions
bfs Perform a breadth first search (BFS) on a graph
drop_null Drop NULL elements from a list
common_prefix The longest prefix of both lists
extract_if_needed Extract a package tarball
find_imports Check if a list of function names were imported from a package
edge_df Extract data about the edges (function calls) in a function map
find_globals_multiple Find all (non-local) function calls in a function, keep multiple calls
external_calls Find calls to external functions
find_globals Find all (non-local) function calls in a function
export_map Export a map to a JSON file
edge_data_frame Extract edge (= function call) metadata from the call graph
find_in_named_list Find an element within entries of a named list
func_arg_globals Find the global functions that are used as arguments
funcs_from_exprs Get functions from a list of expressions
get_funcs_from_r_script Extract all functions from an R script
get_exports Get exported functions from a package, from `NAMESPACE`
get_base_funcs Names of all functions in the `base` package
get_global_calls Get global function calls from a function
functions_called All functions that called in a package or R script
functions All functions of a function map of a package or script
func_from_expr Get funcion(s) from a single expression. Usually a single function, but not necessarily.
get_graph Convert a function map to a directed graph
get_imports Table of imported functions
map_cran_package Create the map of a CRAN package
in_list Check if an object is in a list
node_data_frame Extract vertex (= function) metadata from the call graph
node_df Extract data about the functions in a function map
isolates Vertices that cannot be found from the a set of source vertices
map_r_script Map the function calls for an R script
map_r_folder Map the function calls for a folder of R scripts
map_r_package Map an R package
myrep Recycle a vector or a data frame (rows)
maybe_s3_method Predicate to pre-filter possible S3 methods
parse_collate Parse the `Collate` field of package `DESCRIPTION`
r_package_files Get all source files of a package, in the right order
remove_base_functions Remove base function names form a data frame of functions
topo_sort Topological sort of a graph
str_trim Trim leading and trailing whitespace from a character vector
parse_r_script Find all function calls in an R script
parse_r_folder Parse one or more folders of R scripts
print.function_map Print method for a function map object.
where Try to find where some called functions live
with_package Evaluate an expression with a package loaded
remove_loops Remove loops from a graph
unused_functions Functions that are never used in a package
rev_deps Reverse dependencies of all functions
twist_graph Change the direction of each edge to the opposite in a graph
s3_calls Find the S3 methods of a function, in an environment
package_name Get the name of the package from `DESCRIPTION`
package_collate `Collate` field from `DESCRIPTION`
sankey_plot Sankey plot of a function map
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License GPL-2
LazyData yes
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RoxygenNote 5.0.1

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