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gWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs

gWidgets provides a toolkit-independent API for building interactive GUIs. At least one of the 'gWidgetsXXX packages', such as gWidgetstcltk, needs to be installed. Some icons are on loan from the scigraphica project

Functions in gWidgets

Name Description
gtable Constructor for widget to display tabular data
gtext Constructor for widget for multi-line editable text input
gsvg Constructor for widget to show SVG files
gcombobox Widgets to allow selection from a vector of items
glayout A container for aligning widgets in a table
gWidgets-dialogs Basic dialog constructors
gWidgets-package gWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs
gstatusbar Constructor of status bar widget
gWidgets-methods Methods for gWidgets instances
gcheckbox Constructor of widget to indicate whether a value is desired or not
ggraphics Constructor for a toolkit specific plot device and a notebook to wrap plots in
gWidgets-handlers Methods to add event handlers to objects
gWidgets-dnd Functions to add drag and drop ability to widgets
ghtml Constructors for widgets to handle text input
glabel Constructors for label widget
gcheckboxgroup Widget to allow multiple selection from a vector of items
gpanedgroup A paned group holds two child components with a handle, or sash, between them to adjust the amount of space allocated to each
gcommandline A command line interface
gfile Dialogs for file and date selection
gformlayout A constructor for laying out groups of widgets from a template defined by a list
gnotebook constructor for notebook widget
ggenericwidget A constructor to create widgets for evaluating functions
gvarbrowser Widget for browsing environment
gseparator Widget to draw separator line
guiWidget-class Class "guiWidget" ~~~
gmenu Constructors to make menubars or toolbars
gslider Constructors for widgets to select a value from a sequence.
gbutton Button constructors
gdf Constructor of widget to edit a data frame
gWidgets-undocumented Undocumented, but exported, functions
gtree Constructor for widget to display heirarchical dta
gedit Constructor for widget to handle single-line text input
gWidgets-icons Functions for adding icons
gradio Radio button group widget
guiToolkit Function to select the GUI toolkit used by gWidgets
gWidgets-classes Classes for gWidgets instances
gwindow Constructor for base container
ggroup Box containers for packing in subsequent widgets
ghelp Widget to interface with help pages
gimage Constructor to show images
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License GPL (>= 2)
Collate aaaGenerics.R common.R toolkitClasses.R guiWidget.R guiContainer.R guiComponent.R guiComponentWithItems.R handlers.R ggroup.R gframe.R gexpandgroup.R gspinbutton.R gslider.R gsvg.R ggenericwidget.R gtable.R ggraphics.R gtext.R dialogs.R gtoolbar.R gaction.R ghelp.R gtree.R gbutton.R ghtml.R gcalendar.R gimage.R gcheckbox.R glabel.R gcheckboxgroup.R glayout.R gcombobox.R gmenu.R gvarbrowser.R gcommandline.R gnotebook.R gvariables.R gdf.R gpanedgroup.R gwindow.R gdfnotebook.R gradio.R gedit.R gseparator.R icons.R gfile.R gformlayout.R gstatusbar.R bbbGenericsANY.R zzz.R
LazyLoad yes
Packaged 2014-08-27 20:53:43 UTC; verzani
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-08-28 00:18:31

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