genefilter v1.54.2

genefilter: methods for filtering genes from high-throughput experiments

Some basic functions for filtering genes

Functions in genefilter

Name Description
rowFtests t-tests and F-tests for rows or columns of a matrix
findLargest Find the Entrez Gene ID corresponding to the largest statistic
kOverA A filter function for k elements larger than A.
cv A filter function for the coefficient of variation.
filter_volcano Volcano plot for overall variance filtering
genefinder Finds genes that have similar patterns of expression.
filterfun Creates a first FALSE exiting function from the list of filter functions it is given.
tdata A small test dataset of Affymetrix Expression data.
rowROC-class Class "rowROC"
coxfilter A filter function for univariate Cox regression.
filtered_p Compute and adjust p-values, with filtering
maxA A filter function to filter according to the maximum.
nsFilter Filtering of Features in an ExpressionSet
rowSds Row variance and standard deviation of a numeric array
gapFilter A filter to select genes based on there being a gap.
shorth A location estimator based on the shorth
rejection_plot Plot rejections vs. p-value cutoff
rowpAUCs-methods Rowwise ROC and pAUC computation
eSetFilter A function to filter an eSet object
dist2 Calculate an n-by-n matrix by applying a function to all pairs of columns of an m-by-n matrix.
kappa_p Compute proportionality constant for fold change bound.
ttest A filter function for a t.test
half.range.mode Mode estimation for continuous data
pOverA A filter function to filter according to the proportion of elements larger than A.
Anova A filter function for Analysis of Variance
genescale Scales a matrix or vector.
genefilter A function to filter genes.
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