graphics v3.2.2

The R Graphics Package

R functions for base graphics.

Functions in graphics

Name Description
boxplot Box Plots
axTicks Compute Axis Tickmark Locations
axis.POSIXct Date and Date-time Plotting Functions
boxplot.matrix Draw a Boxplot for each Column (Row) of a Matrix
abline Add Straight Lines to a Plot
barplot Bar Plots
assocplot Association Plots
box Draw a Box around a Plot
axis Generic Function to Add an Axis to a Plot
arrows Add Arrows to a Plot
filled.contour Level (Contour) Plots
curve Draw Function Plots
fourfoldplot Fourfold Plots
convertXY Convert between Graphics Coordinate Systems
dotchart Cleveland's Dot Plots
coplot Conditioning Plots
contour Display Contours
cdplot Conditional Density Plots
bxp Draw Box Plots from Summaries
clip Set Clipping Region
graphics-defunct Defunct Functions in Package graphics
graphics-package The R Graphics Package
grid Add Grid to a Plot
layout Specifying Complex Plot Arrangements
image Display a Color Image
identify Identify Points in a Scatter Plot
legend Add Legends to Plots
frame Create / Start a New Plot Frame
hist Histograms
hist.POSIXt Histogram of a Date or Date-Time Object
mosaicplot Mosaic Plots
matplot Plot Columns of Matrices
pairs Scatterplot Matrices
mtext Write Text into the Margins of a Plot
lines Add Connected Line Segments to a Plot
persp Perspective Plots
panel.smooth Simple Panel Plot
locator Graphical Input
pie Pie Charts
par Set or Query Graphical Parameters
plot.xy Basic Internal Plot Function
plot.formula Formula Notation for Scatterplots Plot Method for Data Frames
plot.table Plot Methods for table Objects
plot.default The Default Scatterplot Function
plot.factor Plotting Factor Variables
plot.window Set up World Coordinates for Graphics Window
plot.raster Plotting Raster Images Plot Univariate Effects of a Design or Model
plot Generic X-Y Plotting
segments Add Line Segments to a Plot
plot.histogram Plot Histograms
rect Draw One or More Rectangles
rasterImage Draw One or More Raster Images
polygon Polygon Drawing
screen Creating and Controlling Multiple Screens on a Single Device
rug Add a Rug to a Plot
points Add Points to a Plot
polypath Path Drawing
smoothScatter Scatterplots with Smoothed Densities Color Representation
strwidth Plotting Dimensions of Character Strings and Math Expressions
symbols Draw Symbols (Circles, Squares, Stars, Thermometers, Boxplots)
stars Star (Spider/Radar) Plots and Segment Diagrams
sunflowerplot Produce a Sunflower Scatter Plot
stem Stem-and-Leaf Plots
stripchart 1-D Scatter Plots
spineplot Spine Plots and Spinograms
units Graphical Units
title Plot Annotation
text Add Text to a Plot
xspline Draw an X-spline
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License Part of R 3.2.2

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