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wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library

An R wrapper for the special functions and quasi random number generators of the Gnu Scientific Library ( See gsl-package.Rd for details of overall package organization, and Misc.Rd for some functions that are widely used in the package, and some tips on installation.

Functions in gsl

Name Description
Clausen Clausen functions
Poly Polynomials
Qrng Quasi-random sequences
Dawson Dawson functions
Elljac Elliptic functions
Legendre Legendre functions
Zeta Zeta functions
Psi Psi (digamma) functions
Trig Trig functions
multimin Function minimization
Misc Argument processing and general info
Transport Transport functions
Powint Power functions
Error Error functions
Log Log functions
Debye Debye functions
Ellint Elliptic functions
Gegenbauer Gegenbauer functions
Coulomb Coulomb functions
Gamma gamma functions
Airy Airy functions
Hyperg Hypergeometric functions
Dilog Dilog functions
Coupling Coupling functions
Expint exponential functions
Rng Random numbers generation
Synchrotron Synchrotron functions
Bessel Bessel functions
gsl-package Wrappers for the Gnu Scientific Library
Fermi-Dirac Fermi-Dirac functions
Laguerre Laguerre functions
Lambert Lambert's W function
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Date 16-09-2007
SystemRequirements Gnu Scientific Library version >= 1.8
License GPL-2
Packaged 2010-03-29 21:06:33 UTC; rksh
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2010-04-02 17:08:12

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