Hexbin Plot Matrices

hexplom draws Conditional Hexbin Plot Matrices. It is similar to splom, expect that the default display is different. Specifically, the default display is created using panel.hexplom, which is an alias for panel.hexbinplot.

hexplom(x, data, …)

# S3 method for formula hexplom(x, data = NULL, …)

# S3 method for data.frame hexplom(x, data = NULL, …, groups = NULL, subset = TRUE)

# S3 method for matrix hexplom(x, data = NULL, …, groups = NULL, subset = TRUE)



The object on which method dispatch is carried out.

For the "formula" method, a formula describing the structure of the plot, which should be of the form ~ x | g1 * g2 * …, where x is a data frame or matrix. Each of g1, g2, … must be either factors or shingles. The conditioning variables g1, g2, … may be omitted.

For the data.frame and matrix methods, a data frame or matrix as appropriate.


For the formula method, an optional data frame in which variables in the formula (as well as groups and subset, if any) are to be evaluated. By default, the environment where the function was called from is used.

groups, subset, …

see splom. The non-standard evaluation of groups and subset only applies in the formula method. Apart from arguments that apply to splom (many of which are only documented in xyplot), additional arguments meant for panel.hexplom (which is an alias for panel.hexbinplot) may also be supplied. Such arguments may include ones that control details of the hexbin calculations, documented in gplot.hexbin


An object of class "trellis". The update method can be used to update components of the object and the print method (usually called by default) will plot it on an appropriate plotting device.

See Also

splom, xyplot, hexbinplot, Lattice, panel.pairs

  • hexplom
  • hexplom.formula
  • hexplom.data.frame
  • hexplom.matrix
  • panel.hexplom
library(hexbin) # NOT RUN { ## Simple hexplom data(NHANES) hexplom(~NHANES[,7:14], xbins=15) ## With colors and conditioning hexplom(~NHANES[,9:13] | Sex, data = NHANES, xbins = 15, colramp = magent) ## With custom panel function hexplom(NHANES[,9:13], xbins = 20,colramp = BTY, upper.panel = panel.hexboxplot) # }
Documentation reproduced from package hexbin, version 1.27.1, License: GPL-2

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