Interpolation of data

Interpolation of \(z\) values given regular or irregular gridded data sets containing coordinates \((x_i,y_i)\) and function values \(z_i\) is (will be) available through this package. As this interpolation is (for the irregular gridded data case) based on trianglation of the data locations also triangulation functions are implemented. Moreover the (not yet finished) spline interpolation needs estimators for partial derivates, these are also made available to the end user for direct use.


The interpolation use can be divided by the used method into piecewise linear (finished in 1_0.27) and spline (not yet finished) interpolation and by input and output settings into gridded and pointwise setups.


This package is a FOSS replacement for the ACM licensed packages akima and tripack. The function calls are backward compatible.

See Also

interp, tri.mesh, voronoi.mosaic, locpoly

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Documentation reproduced from package interp, version 1.0-33, License: GPL (>= 2)

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