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Interpolation Methods

Bivariate data interpolation on regular and irregular grids, either linear or using splines are the main part of this package. It is intended to provide FOSS replacement functions for the ACM licensed akima::interp and tripack::tri.mesh functions. Currently the piecewise linear interpolation part of akima::interp (and also akima::interpp) is implemented in interp::interp, this corresponds to the call akima::interp(..., linear=TRUE) which is the default setting and covers most of akima::interp use cases in depending packages. A re-implementation of Akimas spline interpolation (akima::interp(..., linear=FALSE)) is currently under development and will complete this package in a later version. Estimators for partial derivatives are already available, these are a prerequisite for the spline interpolation. The basic part is currently a GPLed triangulation algorithm (sweep hull algorithm by David Sinclair) providing the starting point for the piecewise linear interpolator. As side effect this algorithm is also used to provide replacements for the basic functions of the tripack package which also suffer from the ACM restrictions. All functions are designed to be backward compatible with their akima / tripack counterparts.

Functions in interp

Name Description
plot.triSht Plot a triangulation object
triangles Extract a list of triangles from a triangulation object
on.convex.hull Determines if points are on or in the convex hull of a triangulation object
voronoi Voronoi object
outer.convhull Version of outer which operates only in a convex hull
interp Interpolation function
nearest.neighbours Nearest neighbour structure for a data set
voronoi.findrejectsites Find the Voronoi sites at the border of the region (to be rejected).
voronoi.area Calculate area of Voronoi polygons
on Determines if a point is on or left of the vector described by two other points.
plot.voronoi Plot a voronoi object
voronoi.mosaic Voronoi mosaic
voronoi.polygons extract polygons from a voronoi mosaic
print.summary.triSht Print a summary of a triangulation object
tri.find Locate a point in a triangulation
summary.voronoi Return a summary of a voronoi object
plot.voronoi.polygons plots an voronoi.polygons object
print.summary.voronoi Print a summary of a voronoi object
print.voronoi Print a voronoi object
print.triSht Print a triangulation object
summary.triSht Return a summary of a triangulation object
tri.mesh Delaunay triangulation
triSht A triangulation object
locpoly Local polynomial fit.
arcs Extract a list of arcs from a triangulation object.
circles Add circles to a plot Test datasets from Franke for interpolation of scattered data
interpp Pointwise interpolate irregular gridded data
identify.triSht Identify points in a triangulation plot
convex.hull Return the convex hull of a triangulation object
area Extract a list of triangle areas from a triangulation object.
interp-package Interpolation of data
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Date 2020-01-07
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NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-01-07 21:35:45 UTC; agebhard
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Date/Publication 2020-01-08 23:01:13 UTC

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