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by Yihui Xie

A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R

Provides a general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R using Literate Programming techniques.

Functions in knitr

Name Description
all_patterns All built-in patterns
knit_print A custom printing function
read_rforge Read source code from R-Forge
include_graphics Embed external images in knitr documents
current_input Query the current input filename
knit_exit Exit knitting early
knit2pdf Convert Rnw or Rrst files to PDF using knit() and texi2pdf() or rst2pdf()
read_chunk Read chunks from an external script
set_header Set the header information
vignette_engines Package vignette engines
knit_child Knit a child document
asis_output Mark an R object with a special class
inline_expr Wrap code using the inline R expression syntax
knit_params_yaml Extract knit parameters from YAML text
Sweave2knitr Convert Sweave to knitr documents
write_bib Generate BibTeX bibliography databases for R packages
knit_patterns Patterns to match and extract R code in a document
knit_theme Syntax highlighting themes
hook_movecode Some potentially useful document hooks
imgur_upload Upload an image to
knit Knit a document
pandoc A Pandoc wrapper to convert Markdown documents to other formats
kable Create tables in LaTeX, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText
knit_watch Watch an input file continuously and knit it when it is updated
knit_rd Knit package documentation
pat_rnw Set regular expressions to read input documents
set_parent Specify the parent document of child documents
dep_auto Build automatic dependencies among chunks
knit_hooks Hooks for R code chunks, inline R code and output
knit_global The global environment in which code chunks are evaluated
render_html Set output hooks for different output formats
spin_child Spin a child R script
hook_pdfcrop Built-in chunk hooks to extend knitr
knit_expand A simple macro preprocessor for templating purposes
plot_crop Crop a plot (remove the edges) using PDFCrop or ImageMagick
eclipse_theme Download and convert a theme from to CSS
load_cache Load the cache database of a code chunk
stitch Automatically create a report based on an R script and a template
dep_prev Make later chunks depend on previous chunks
knit2html Convert markdown to HTML using knit() and markdownToHTML()
opts_chunk Default and current chunk options
set_alias Set aliases for chunk options
knit_filter Spell check filter for source documents
spin Spin goat's hair into wool
hook_plot_html Default plot hooks for different output formats
knit2wp Knit an R Markdown document and post it to WordPress
clean_cache Clean cache files that are probably no longer needed
rand_seed An unevaluated expression to return .Random.seed if exists
knit_meta Metadata about objects to be printed
knit_engines Engines of other languages
fig_chunk Obtain the figure filenames for a chunk
opts_knit Options for the knitr package
knit_params Extract knit parameters from a document
fig_path Path for figure files
engine_output An output wrapper for language engine output
all_labels Get all chunk labels in a document
knitr-package A general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R
hook_ffmpeg_html Hooks to create animations in HTML output
opts_hooks Hooks for code chunk options
opts_template Template for creating reusable chunk options
rocco Knit R Markdown using the classic Docco style
image_uri Encode an image file to a data URI
rst2pdf A wrapper for rst2pdf
wrap_rmd Wrap long lines in Rmd files
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Type Package
Date 2016-01-22
License GPL
VignetteBuilder knitr
SystemRequirements Package vignettes based on R Markdown v2 require Pandoc ( The function rst2pdf() and vignettes based on reStructuredText require rst2pdf (
Collate 'block.R' 'cache.R' 'utils.R' 'citation.R' 'hooks-html.R' 'plot.R' 'defaults.R' 'concordance.R' 'engine.R' 'highlight.R' 'themes.R' 'header.R' 'hooks-asciidoc.R' 'hooks-chunk.R' 'hooks-extra.R' 'hooks-latex.R' 'hooks-md.R' 'hooks-rst.R' 'hooks-textile.R' 'hooks.R' 'output.R' 'package.R' 'pandoc.R' 'params.R' 'parser.R' 'pattern.R' 'rocco.R' 'spin.R' 'table.R' 'template.R' 'themes-eclipse.R' 'utils-base64.R' 'utils-conversion.R' 'utils-rd2html.R' 'utils-sweave.R' 'utils-upload.R' 'utils-vignettes.R' 'zzz.R'
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-01-21 22:54:26 UTC; yihui
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-01-22 10:26:48

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