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by Berwin Turlach

L1 constrained estimation aka `lasso'

Routines and documentation for solving regression problems while imposing an L1 constraint on the estimates, based on the algorithm of Osborne et al. (1998)

Functions in lasso2

Name Description
gcv.l1ce `gcv()' Methods for `l1ce' and `l1celist' Objects.
summary.gl1ce Summary Method for Generalized L1 Constrained Regression Models
deviance.gl1ce Deviance Method for `gl1ce' Objects
gcv Generalised Cross-Validation Score
coef.l1ce Coefficients of an `l1ce' Object
residuals.gl1ce Compute Residuals for `gl1ce' Objects
tr Trace of a Matrix
Prostate Prostate Cancer Data
l1celist.object Object of Several L1 Constrained Estimation Models
fitted.l1ce Fitted Values for `l1ce', `l1celist' and `gl1ce' Objects
merge.formula Merge Formula With Right Hand Side of Second Formula
predict.l1ce Predict Method for `l1ce' Objects
Iowa The Iowa Wheat Yield Data
aux.l1celist Use `aux()' on a `l1celist' object
coef.l1celist Coefficients of an `l1celist' Object
residuals.l1ce Residuals of `l1ce' or `l1celist' Objects
qr.rtr.inv Reconstruct the Inverse of R'R from a QR Object
deviance.l1ce Deviance Method for `l1ce' and `l1celist' Objects
l1ce.object L1 Constrainted Estimation Model Object
is.formula Tests for Formula Objects
Extract.l1celist Extract Parts of a `l1celist' Object
aux Extract Auxiliary Information From an Object
gl1ce.object Generalized L1 Constrained Estimation Model Object
predict.gl1ce Prediction Method for a `gl1ce' Object
l1ce Regression Fitting With L1-constraint on the Parameters
plot.l1celist Plot Method for `l1celist' Objects
gl1ce Generalized Regression With L1-constraint on the Parameters
print.l1ce Print Methods for `l1ce', `l1celist' and `gl1ce' Objects
labels.l1ce `Labels' Method for `l1ce' and `l1celist' Objects
vcov.l1ce Variance-Covariance Matrix of `l1ce' or `l1celist' Objects
lasso-internal Internal lasso functions
summary.l1ce Summary Method for ``l1ce'' Objects (Regression with L1 Constraint)
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Date 2010-04-12
License GPL (>= 2)
Packaged 2010-04-12 04:23:31 UTC; berwin
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Date/Publication 2010-04-12 06:47:38

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