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by Deepayan Sarkar

Lattice Graphics

Implementation of Trellis Graphics. See ?Lattice for a brief introduction

Functions in lattice

Name Description
lset Interface to modify Trellis Settings - Deprecated
latticeParseFormula Parse Trellis formula
strip.default In-built Trellis Strip Function
draw.colorkey Produce a Colorkey for levelplot
panel.barchart Default Panel Function for barchart
llines Lattice Replacements of base graphics functions
Lattice Lattice Graphics
panel.qqmathline Useful panel function with qqmath
tmd Tukey Mean-Difference Plot
qqmath Q-Q Plot with Theoretical Distribution
panel.levelplot Default Panel Function for levelplot
panel.pairs Default Superpanel Function for splom
rfs Residual and Fit Spread Plots
panel.parallel Default Panel Function for parallel
update.trellis Retrieve and Update Trellis Object
panel.stripplot Default Panel Function for stripplot
cloud 3d Scatter Plot
banking Banking
histogram Histograms and Kernel Density Plots
Rows Extract `rows' from a list
levelplot Level Plots
utilities.3d Default Panel Function for cloud
prepanel.functions Useful Prepanel Function for Lattice
panel.tmd Panel function for tmd Default Panel Function for cloud
print.trellis Print Trellis Objects
xyplot Common Bivariate Trellis Plots
lattice.options Low-level Options Controlling Behaviour of Lattice
panel.axis Panel Function for Drawing Axis Ticks and Labels
panel.bwplot Default Panel Function for bwplot
draw.key Produce a Legend or Key
oneway Fit One-way Model
panel.densityplot Default Panel Function for densityplot
qq Quantile-Quantile Plots of Two Samples
panel.histogram Default Panel Function for histogram
panel.dotplot Default Panel Function for dotplot
panel.superpose Panel Function for Display Marked by groups
trellis.device Initializing Trellis Displays
trellis.par.get Graphical Parameters for Trellis Displays
shingles shingles
panel.xyplot Default Panel Function for xyplot
splom Scatter Plot Matrices
interaction Functions to Interact with Lattice Plots
panel.functions Useful Panel Functions
simpleKey Function to generate a simple key
trellis.datasets Data Sets in the Lattice library
trellis.object A Trellis Plot Object
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Date 2004/09/17
Priority recommended
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
License GPL version 2 or later
Packaged Sat Sep 18 09:55:59 2004; deepayan

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