Useful Panel Functions

These are predefined panel functions available in lattice for use in constructing new panel functions (usually on-the-fly).

panel.abline(a = NULL, b = 0,
             h = NULL, v = NULL,
             reg = NULL, coef = NULL,
             col, col.line, lty, lwd, alpha, type,

panel.curve(expr, from, to, n = 101, curve.type = "l", col, lty, lwd, type, ...) panel.rug(x = NULL, y = NULL, regular = TRUE, start = if (regular) 0 else 0.97, end = if (regular) 0.03 else 1, x.units = rep("npc", 2), y.units = rep("npc", 2), col, lty, lwd, alpha, ...) panel.average(x, y, fun = mean, horizontal = TRUE, lwd, lty, col, col.line, type, ...) panel.linejoin(x, y, fun = mean, horizontal = TRUE, lwd, lty, col, col.line, type, ...)panel.fill(col, border, ...) panel.grid(h=3, v=3, col, col.line, lty, lwd, ...) panel.lmline(x, y, ...) panel.loess(x, y, span = 2/3, degree = 1, family = c("symmetric", "gaussian"), evaluation = 50, lwd, lty, col, col.line, type, horizontal = FALSE, ...) panel.mathdensity(dmath = dnorm, args = list(mean=0, sd=1), n = 50, col, col.line, lwd, lty, type, ...)


panel.abline adds a line of the form y=a+bx or vertical and/or horizontal lines. Graphical parameters are obtained from reference.line for panel.grid, and add.line for the others (can be set using trellis.par.set )

panel.curve adds a curve, similar to what curve does with add = TRUE. Graphical parameters for the line are obtained from the add.line setting.

panel.average treats one of x and y as a factor (according to the value of horizontal), calculates fun applied to the subsets of the other variable determined by each unique value of the factor, and joins them by a line. Can be used in conjunction with panel.xyplot and more commonly with panel.superpose to produce interaction plots. See xyplot documentation for an example. panel.linejoin is an alias for panel.average retained for back-compatibility and may go away in future.

panel.mathdensity plots a (usually theoretical) probability density function. This can be useful in conjunction with histogram and densityplot to visually estimate goodness of fit (note, however, that qqmath is more suitable for this).

panel.rug adds a rug representation of the (marginal) data to the panel, much like rug.

panel.lmline(x, y) is equivalent to panel.abline(lm(y~x)).

See Also

loess.smooth, panel.axis, panel.identify identify, trellis.par.get

Documentation reproduced from package lattice, version 0.17-10, License: GPL (>= 2)

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