lattice (version 0.20-45)

F_1_panel.densityplot: Default Panel Function for densityplot


This is the default panel function for densityplot.


panel.densityplot(x, darg, plot.points = "jitter", ref = FALSE,
                  groups = NULL, weights = NULL,
                  jitter.amount, type, …,
                  identifier = "density")



data points for which density is to be estimated


list of arguments to be passed to the density function. Typically, this should be a list with zero or more of the following components : bw, adjust, kernel, window, width, give.Rkern, n, from, to, cut, na.rm (see density for details)


logical specifying whether or not the data points should be plotted along with the estimated density. Alternatively, a character string specifying how the points should be plotted. Meaningful values are "rug", in which case panel.rug is used to plot a ‘rug’, and "jitter", in which case the points are jittered vertically to better distinguish overlapping points.


logical, whether to draw x-axis


an optional grouping variable. If present, panel.superpose will be used instead to display each subgroup


numeric vector of weights for the density calculations. If this is specified, the part must also include a subscripts argument that matches the weights to x.


when plot.points="jitter", the value to use as the amount argument to jitter.


type argument used to plot points, if requested. This is not expected to be useful, it is available mostly to protect a type argument, if specified, from affecting the density curve.

extra graphical parameters. Note that additional arguments to panel.rug cannot be passed on through panel.densityplot.


A character string that is prepended to the names of grobs that are created by this panel function.

See Also

densityplot, jitter