logicFS v1.42.0

Identification of SNP Interactions

Identification of interactions between binary variables using Logic Regression. Can, e.g., be used to find interesting SNP interactions. Contains also a bagging version of logic regression for classification.

Functions in logicFS

Name Description
predict.logicBagg Predict Method for logicBagg objects
vim.chisq ChiSquare Based Importance
logicFS Feature Selection with Logic Regression
data.logicfs Example Data of logicFS
vim.norm Standardized and Sign-Permutation Based Importance Measure
predict.mlogreg Predict Method for mlogreg Objects
make.snp.dummy SNPs to Dummy Variables
logic.oob Prime Implicants
getMatEval Evaluate Prime Implicants
logic.bagging Bagged Logic Regression
print.logicFS Print a logicFS object
vim.permSNP Permutation Based Importance Measures
vim.approxPval Approximate P-Value Based Importance Measure
vim.set VIM for SNPs and Sets of Variables
vim.input VIM for Inputs
logic.pimp Prime Implicants
plot.logicFS Variable Importance Plot
mlogreg Multinomial Logic Regression
vim.logicFS Importance Measures
logicFS-internal Internal logicFS functions
vim.ebam EBAM Based Importance
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Date 2013-09-12
License LGPL (>= 2)
biocViews SNP, Classification, Genetics

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