methods v3.3

Formal Methods and Classes

Formally defined methods and classes for R objects, plus other programming tools, as described in the reference.

Functions in methods

Name Description
BasicClasses Classes Corresponding to Basic Data Types
.BasicFunsList List of Builtin and Special Functions
validObject Test the Validity of an Object
testInheritedMethods Test for and Report about Selection of Inherited Methods
substituteDirect SubstituteDirect
envRefClass-class Class "envRefClass"
slot The Slots in an Object from a Formal Class
signature-class Class "signature" For Method Definitions
showMethods Show all the methods for the specified function(s) or class
show Show an Object
makeClassRepresentation Create a Class Definition
setOldClass Register Old-Style (S3) Classes and Inheritance
setMethod Create and Save a Method
setLoadActions Set Actions For Package Loading
setGeneric Define a New Generic Function
setClassUnion Classes Defined as the Union of Other Classes
setClass Create a Class Definition
selectSuperClasses Super Classes (of Specific Kinds) of a Class
representation Construct a Representation or a Prototype for a Class Definition
ReferenceClasses Objects With Fields Treated by Reference (OOP-style)
promptMethods Generate a Shell for Documentation of Formal Methods
promptClass Generate a Shell for Documentation of a Formal Class
nonStructure-class A non-structure S4 Class for basic types
new Generate an Object from a Class
methods-package Formal Methods and Classes
methods-deprecated Deprecated Functions in Package methods
methods-defunct Defunct Functions in Package methods
methodUtilities Utility Functions for Methods and S-Plus Compatibility
method.skeleton Create a Skeleton File for a New Method
LocalReferenceClasses Localized Objects based on Reference Classes
languageEl Elements of Language Objects
isSealedMethod Check for a Sealed Method or Class
is Is an Object from a Class?
initialize-methods Methods to Initialize New Objects from a Class
inheritedSlotNames Names of Slots Inherited From a Super Class
implicitGeneric Manage Implicit Versions of Generic Functions
hasArg Look for an Argument in the Call
getPackageName The Name associated with a Given Package
getMethod Get or Test for the Definition of a Method
getClass Get Class Definition
genericFunction-class Generic Function Objects
fixPre1.8 Fix Objects Saved from R Versions Previous to 1.8
findMethods Description of the Methods Defined for a Generic Function
findClass Computations with Classes
evalSource Use Function Definitions from a Source File without Reinstalling a Package
dotsMethods The Use of ... in Method Signatures
classesToAM Compute an Adjacency Matrix for Superclasses of Class Definitions
classRepresentation-class Class Objects
className Class names including the corresponding package
cbind2 Combine two Objects by Columns or Rows
canCoerce Can an Object be Coerced to a Certain S4 Class?
callGeneric Call the Current Generic Function from a Method
as Force an Object to Belong to a Class
TraceClasses Classes Used Internally to Control Tracing
StructureClasses Classes Corresponding to Basic Structures
SClassExtension-class Class to Represent Inheritance (Extension) Relations
S4groupGeneric S4 Group Generic Functions
S3Part S3-style Objects and S4-class Objects
RMethodUtils Method Utilities
RClassUtils Utilities for Managing Class Definitions
ObjectsWithPackage-class A Vector of Object Names, with associated Package Names
callNextMethod Call an Inherited Method
MethodsList MethodsList Objects
MethodsList-class Class MethodsList, Defunct Representation of Methods
Methods General Information on Methods
MethodWithNext-class Class MethodWithNext
MethodSupport Additional (Support) Functions for Methods
MethodDefinition-class Classes to Represent Method Definitions
LinearMethodsList-class Class "LinearMethodsList"
language-class Classes to Represent Unevaluated Language Objects
GenericFunctions Tools for Managing Generic Functions
environment-class Class "environment"
EmptyMethodsList-class Internal Class representing Empty Methods List
Documentation Using and Creating On-line Documentation for Classes and Methods
Classes Class Definitions
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References John M. Chambers (2008) ``Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R''; Springer NY.
License Part of R @VERSION@
suggests codetools
imports stats , utils
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