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Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests

Model-based trees for subgroup analyses in clinical trials and model-based forests for the estimation and prediction of personalised treatment effects (personalised models). Currently partitioning of linear models, lm(), generalised linear models, glm(), and Weibull models, survreg(), is supported. Advanced plotting functionality is supported for the trees and a test for parameter heterogeneity is provided for the personalised models. For details on model-based trees for subgroup analyses see Seibold, Zeileis and Hothorn (2016) <doi:10.1515/ijb-2015-0032>; for details on model-based forests for estimation of individual treatment effects see Seibold, Zeileis and Hothorn (2017) <doi:10.1177/0962280217693034>.

Functions in model4you

Name Description
binomial_glm_plot Plot for a given logistic regression model (glm with binomial family) with one binary covariate.
logLik.pmtree Extract log-Likelihood
coxph_plot Survival plot for a given coxph model with one binary covariate.
lm_plot Density plot for a given lm model with one binary covariate.
.prepare_args Prepare input for ctree/cforest from input of pmtree/pmforest
.modelfit Fit function when model object is given
node_pmterminal Panel-Generator for Visualization of pmtrees
objfun Objective function
.add_modelinfo Add model information to a personalised-model-ctree
coeftable.survreg Table of coefficients for survreg model
pmtree Compute model-based tree from model.
one_factor Check if model has only one factor covariate.
pmforest Compute model-based forest from model.
predict.pmtree pmtree predictions
objfun.pmodel_identity Objective function of personalised models
print.pmtree Methods for pmtree
survreg_plot Survival plot for a given survreg model with one binary covariate.
pmodel Personalised model
pmtest Test if personalised models improve upon base model.
varimp.pmforest Variable Importance for pmforest
objfun.pmtree Objective function of a given pmtree
rss Residual sum of squares
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Date 2020-02-12
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Date/Publication 2020-02-19 09:20:02 UTC

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