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Data Sets and Supplemental Functions from 'OpenIntro' Textbooks

Supplemental functions and data for 'OpenIntro' resources, which includes open-source textbooks and resources for introductory statistics at <>. The package contains data sets used in our open-source textbooks along with custom plotting functions for reproducing book figures. Note that many functions and examples include color transparency; some plotting elements may not show up properly (or at all) when run in some versions of Windows operating system.

Functions in openintro

Name Description
CCP Plot a Cartesian Coordinate Plane
COL OpenIntro Statistics colors
MLB Salary data for Major League Baseball (2010)
MosaicPlot Custom Mosaic Plot
ArrowLines Create a Line That may have Arrows on the Ends
Braces Plot a Braces Symbol
PlotWLine Plot data and add a regression line
WriteTable Write a Data Frame or Matrix to a Text File
CT2DF Contingency Table to Data Frame
ChiSquareTail Plot upper tail in chi-square distribution
ageAtMar Age at first marriage of 5,534 US women.
ami.occurrences Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Events
boxPlot Box plot
association.7.12 Simulated data for association plots, set 3
assortive.mating Eye color of couples
babies.crawl Crawling age
abbr2state Convert state names to abbreviations and back again
acs12 American Community Survey, 2012
bdims Body measurements of 507 physically active individuals.
cats Summary of 144 cats
avandia Cardiovascular problems for two types of Diabetes medicines
babies The Child Health and Development Studies
burger Burger preferences Cancer in dogs
classData Simulated class data
ballBearing Lifespan of ball bearings
ccHousing Community college housing (simulated data)
dlsegments Create a Double Line Segment Plot
dotPlot Dot plot
contTable Generate Contingency Tables for LaTeX County data set with smoking ban.
countyComplete United States Counties
drug.use Drug use of students and parents
ebola.survey Survey on Ebola quarantine
full.body.scan Poll about use of full-body airport scanners Fake data for a gear company example
healthcare.survey Healthcare Survey with Two Different Wordings
heartTr Heart Transplant Data
house United States House of Representatives historical make-up
association.1.3 Simulated data for association plots, set 1
association.4.6 Simulated data for association plots, set 2
births North Carolina births
buildAxis Axis function substitute
chick.wts Chicken weights vs feed type
china Child care hours
houseRace10 Election results for the 2010 U.S. House of Represenatives races
lmPlot Linear regression plot with residual plot
loop Output a message while inside a loop
marioKart Wii Mario Kart auctions from Ebay
migraine Migraines and acupuncture
poker Poker winnings during 50 sessions
possum possum
books Sample of books on a shelf
cards Deck of cards
cars cars
bac Beer and blood alcohol content
census Random sample of 2000 U.S. Census Data
cherry Summary information for 31 cherry trees
cpr CPR data set
credits College credits.
corr.match Sample data sets for correlation problems
county United States Counties
edaPlot Exploratory data analysis plot
elmhurst Elmhurst College gift aid
fadeColor Fade colors
densityPlot Density plot
diamonds Information on diamond prices
epa2012 Vehicle info from the EPA
exams Exam scores
fheights Female college student heights, in inches
friday Friday the 13th
gradesTV Simulated data for analyzing the relationship between watching TV and grades
gsearch Simulated Google search experiment
infMortRate Infant Mortality Rates, 2012
ipod Length of songs on an iPod
male.heights Sample of 100 male heights
mammals Sleep in Mammals
normTail Normal distribution tails
dotPlotStack Add a Stacked Dot Plot to an Existing Plot
dream Survey on views of the DREAM Act
gender.discrimination Bank manager recommendations based on gender
gifted Analytical skills of young gifted children
gpa Survey of Duke students on GPA, studying, and more
email Data frame representing information about a collection of emails
email50 Sample of 50 emails
global.warming.pew Pew survey on global warming
gpa_study_hours gpa_study_hours
husbands.wives Married couples in Great Britain
immigration Poll on illegal workers in the US
iris Iris data (flowers)
jury Simulated juror data set
goog Google stock data
health_coverage Health Coverage and Health Status Pew Research Center poll on health care, including question variants
housing Simulated data set on student housing
sinusitis Sinusitis and antibiotic experiment
sleep.deprivation Survey on sleep deprivation and transportation workers
smoking UK Smoking Data
hsb2 High School and Beyond survey
lsegments Create a Line Segment Plot
makeTube Regression tube
mlbBat10 Major League Baseball Player Hitting Statistics for 2010
myPDF Custom PDF function
nuclear.survey Nuclear Arms Reduction Survey
offshore.drilling California poll on drilling off the California coast
openintro-package OpenIntro data sets and supplemental functions
fcid Summary of male heights from USDA Food Commodity Intake Database
gov.poll Pew Research poll on goverment approval ratings
govRace10 Election results for 2010 Governor races in the U.S.
helium Helium football
histPlot Histogram or hollow histogram
leg_mari Legalization of Marijuana Support in 2010 California Survey
linResPlot Create simple regression plot with residual plot
nba.heights NBA Player heights from 2008-9
ncbirths North Carolina births
prRace08 Election results for the 2008 U.S. Presidential race
president United States Presidental History
res.demo.2 Simulated data for regression
sp500.seq S&P 500 stock data
tourism Turkey tourism
toy.anova Simulated data set for ANOVA
unemploy.pres President's party performance and unemployment rate
urban.owner Summary of many state-level variables
yrbss.samp Sample of Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
run10 Cherry Blossom 10 mile run data, 2009
mammogram Experiment with Mammogram Randomized
marathon New York City Marathon Times
orings 1986 Challenger disaster and O-rings
oscars Oscar winners, 1929 to 2012 Instructor beauty scores and instruction ratings
res.demo.1 Simulated data for regression
speed.gender.height Speed, gender, and height of 1302 students
stanford Stanford heart transplant experiment
textbooks Textbook data for UCLA Bookstore and Amazon
tgSpending Thanksgiving spending, simulated based on Gallup poll.
urban.rural.pop State summary info
stent30 Stents for the treatment of stroke
stent365 Stents for the treatment of stroke
tips Tip data
outliers Simulated data sets for different types of outliers
pm25.2011.durham Air quality for Durham, NC
scotus_healthcare Public Opinion with SCOTUS ruling on American Healthcare Act
senateRace10 Election results for the 2010 U.S. Senate races
starbucks Starbucks nutrition
stats.scores Final exam scores for twenty students
student.housing Community college housing (simulated data, 2015)
student.sleep Sleep for 110 students (simulated)
xom Exxon Mobile stock data
toohey Simulated polling data set
trees Summary of 32 trees
unempl Annual unemployment since 1890
yawn Contagiousness of yawning
yrbss Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
sat.improve Simulated data for SAT score improvement
satGPA SAT and GPA data
stem.cell Embryonic stem cells to treat heart attack (in sheep)
stem.cells Stem Cell Transplant Experiment
sulphinpyrazone Treating heart attacks
supreme.court Supreme Court approval rating
transplant Transplant consultant success rate (fake data)
treeDiag Construct tree diagrams
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