parallel v3.4.1

Support for Parallel computation in R

Support for parallel computation, including by forking (taken from package multicore), by sockets (taken from package snow) and random-number generation.

Functions in parallel

Name Description
mcfork Fork a Copy of the Current R Process
mclapply Serial versions of mclapply, mcmapply and pvec
RNGstreams Implementation of Pierre L'Ecuyer's RngStreams
clusterApply Apply Operations using Clusters
parallel-package Support for Parallel Computation
splitIndices Divide Tasks for Distribution in a Cluster
detectCores Detect the Number of CPU Cores
makeCluster Create a Parallel Socket Cluster
mcchildren Low-level Functions for Management of Forked Processes
mcaffinity Get or Set CPU Affinity Mask of the Current Process
mcparallel Evaluate an R Expression Asynchronously in a Separate Process
pvec Parallelize a Vector Map Function using Forking
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.4.1
NeedsCompilation yes
imports compiler , tools
suggests methods
enhances nws , Rmpi , snow
Contributors R team

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