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by Yves Croissant

Panel Data Econometrics with R

Data sets for the Panel Data Econometrics with R <doi:10.1002/9781119504641> book.

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Name Description
DemocracyIncome25 The Relation Between Democraty and Income
FinanceGrowth Financial Institutions and Growth
GiantsShoulders Impact of Institutions on Cumulative Research
DemocracyIncome The Relation Between Democraty and Income
EvapoTransp Evapotranspiration
ForeignTrade Foreign Trade of Developing Countries
Dialysis Diffusion of Haemodialysis Technology
Donors Dynamics of Charitable Giving
CallBacks Callbacks to Job Applications
CoordFailure How to Overcome Organization Failure in Organization
RDPerfComp R and D Performing Companies
Mafia Mafia and Public Spending
MagazinePrices Magazine Prices
IneqGrowth Inequality and Growth
IncomeMigrationV Income and Migration, Village Data
LandReform Politics and Land Reforms in India
LateBudgets Late Budgets
RegIneq Interregional Redistribution and Inequalities
Reelection Deficits and Reelection
Solow Growth Model
Seniors Intergenerationals Experiments
Tileries Production of Tileries in Egypt
TexasElectr Production of Electricity in Texas
RDSpillovers Research and Development Spillovers Data
usaw Spatial weights matrix - 49 US states
etw Spatial weights matrix for EvapoTransp
TwinCrises Costs of Currency and Banking Crises
ScrambleAfrica The Long-run Effects of the Scramble for Africa
SeatBelt Seat Belt Usage and Traffic Fatalities
HousePricesUS House Prices Data
IncomeMigrationH Income and Migration, Household Data
TradeFDI Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Germany and the United States
TurkishBanks Turkish Banks
TobinQ The Q Theory of Investment
Index.chapter Chapter
TradeEU Trade in the European Union
Index.jel JEL codes
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