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Tools for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM)

Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) analysis for both metric and non-metric data, as well as REBUS analysis.

Functions in plspm

Name Description
cereals Cereals datset
check_args Check arguments for
check_data Check Data
check_maxiter Check maximum number of iterations
college College datasets
dummy.G Dummy by Giorgio
alpha Cronbach's alpha
arizona Arizona vegetation dataset
check_specs Check specifications of PLS-PM algorithm
check_tol Check tolerance threshold
get_boots Performs bootstrap validation in
get_data_scaled Scaling data outside
get_PLSR Internal PLS regression (full data)
get_PLSR_NA Internal PLS regression with missing values
get_locals_test Local groups comparison test
get_ord_scale Non-Metric Ordinal Scale
get_path_scheme Calculate inner weighting path scheme
get_weights_nonmetric Outer Weights Non-Metric Data
innerplot Plot inner model
check_blocks Check well defined blocks
check_boot Check bootstrap options
futbol Futbol dataset from Spain-England-Italy
check_model Check congruence between inner and outer models
check_modes Check modes
check_scaling Check types of measurement scales and metric
check_scheme Check scheme
get_ave Calculate AVE (Average Variance Extracted)
get_GQI Group Quality Index
get_effects Path coefficient effects for
get_generals Get general parameters
get_rank Rank of a non-metric variable Basic results for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
plspm.groups Two Groups Comparison in PLS-PM
russa Russett A
russb Russett B
get_PLSRdoubleQ get_PLSRdoubleQ
get_alpha Calculate Cronbach's alpha
get_gof Goodness-of-fit for
get_inner_summary Inner summary assessment
is_missing Presence of missing values
it.reb Iterative steps of Response-Based Unit Segmentation (REBUS)
quantiplot Quantification Plot
rebus.pls Response Based Unit Segmentation (REBUS)
get_rho Calculate Dillon-Goldstein's rho
local.models PLS-PM for global and local models
mobile ECSI Mobile Phone Provider dataset
get_boot_stats Get data frame with bootstrap statistics
get_num_scale Non-Metric Numerical Scale
get_numerics Transform factors in MV into numeric
get_paths Calculate path coefficients for
get_plsr1 PLS regression for
normalize Normalize a vector
offense Offense dataset
russett Russett dataset
check_path Check path matrix
check_plscomp Check vector of PLS components (for non-metric plspm)
get_dummies Dummy matrices for categorical manifest variables
get_dummy Non-Metric Dummy
satisfaction Satisfaction dataset
wines Wines dataset
rescale Rescale Latent Variable Scores
rho Dillon-Goldstein's rho
technology Technology data set
test_dataset Test Data Set Availibility
test_null_weights Test outer weights convergence within specified maxiter
unidim Unidimensionality of blocks
get_metric Type of metric based on scaling measurement
get_nom_scale Non-Metric Nominal Scale
get_scores Calculate Latent Variable Scores
get_treated_data Apply corresponding treatment to MV
plot.plspm Plots for PLS Path Models
plspm PLS-PM: Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
get_manifests Building data matrix with manifest variables
get_unidim Unidimensionality of reflective blocks
get_weights Outer Weights
orange Orange Juice dataset
outerplot Plot outer model
rebus.test Permutation Test for REBUS Multi-Group Comparison
res.clus Clustering on communality and structural residuals
test_factors Test presence of factors
test_manifest_scaling Test scaling of selected manifest variables
simdata Simulated data for REBUS with two groups
spainfoot Spanish football dataset
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Type Package
Date 2015-05-22
VignetteBuilder knitr
License GPL-3
LazyLoad yes
Collate 'plspm.r' 'auxiliar.r' 'check_arguments.r' 'check_specifications.r' 'get_alpha.r' 'get_ave.r' 'get_boots.r' 'get_dummies.r' 'get_effects.r' 'get_generals.r' 'get_gof.r' 'get_inner_summary.r' 'get_manifests.r' 'get_metric.r' 'get_nom_scale.r' 'get_num_scale.r' 'get_ord_scale.r' 'get_path_scheme.r' 'get_paths.r' 'get_plsr1.r' 'get_PLSRdoubleQ.r' 'get_rank.r' 'get_rho.r' 'get_scores.r' 'get_treated_data.r' 'get_unidim.r' 'get_weights.r' 'get_weights_nonmetric.r' 'innerplot.r' 'outerplot.r' 'plot.plspm.r' 'rescale.r' 'summary_plspm.r' 'test_manifest_scaling.r' 'test_null_weights.r' 'unidimensionality.r' 'test_factors.r' 'russett-data.r' '' 'plspm.groups.r' 'test_dataset.r' 'get_GQI.r' 'get_locals_test.r' 'get_scaled_data.r' 'it.reb.r' 'local.models.r' 'print.rebus.r' 'rebus.pls.r' 'rebus.test.r' 'res.clus.r' 'get_PLSR.r' 'get_PLSR_NA.r' 'quantiplot.r' 'plspm-package.r'
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2017-04-22 09:27:48 UTC; ripley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-04-23 10:07:11 UTC
X-CRAN-Original-Maintainer Gaston Sanchez
X-CRAN-Comment Orphaned and corrected on 2017-04-21 as check errors were not corrected despite reminders.

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