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Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library

Provides bindings to the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library ('GDAL') (>= 1.11.4) and access to projection/transformation operations from the 'PROJ' library. Use is made of classes defined in the 'sp' package. Raster and vector map data can be imported into R, and raster and vector 'sp' objects exported. The 'GDAL' and 'PROJ' libraries are external to the package, and, when installing the package from source, must be correctly installed first; it is important that 'GDAL' < 3 be matched with 'PROJ' < 6. From 'rgdal' 1.5-8, installed with to 'GDAL' >=3, 'PROJ' >=6 and 'sp' >= 1.4, coordinate reference systems use 'WKT2_2019' strings, not 'PROJ' strings. 'Windows' and 'macOS' binaries (including 'GDAL', 'PROJ' and their dependencies) are provided on 'CRAN'.

Functions in rgdal

Name Description
RGB2PCT Convert RGB three band to single band colour table
GridsDatums Grids and Datums PE&RS listing
GDALDriver-class Class "GDALDriver": GDAL Driver Object
list_coordOps List PROJ 6 coordinate operations
is_proj_CDN_enabled PROJ search paths and content download network handling
projInfo List PROJ.4 tag information
nor2k Norwegian peaks over 2000m
displayDataset Display a GDAL dataset
writeOGR Write spatial vector data using OGR
GDALReadOnlyDataset-class Class "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
GDALRasterBand-class Class "GDALRasterBand"
closeDataset-methods closeDataset methods
project Projection of coordinate matrices
GDALReadOnlyDataset-methods subset methods for "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
SpatialGDAL-class Class "SpatialGDAL"
SGDF2PCT Convert RGB three band to single band colour table
readGDAL Read/write between GDAL grid maps and Spatial objects
llgridlines Plot long-lat grid over projected data
GDALDataset-class Class "GDALDataset"
readOGR Read OGR vector maps into Spatial objects
CRS-class Class "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
GDALMajorObject-class Class "GDALMajorObject"
showWKT Show Well-Known Text spatial reference system metadata
GDALTransientDataset-class Class "GDALTransientDataset"
spTransform-methods Methods for Function spTransform for map projection and datum transformation in package "rgdal"
make_EPSG Make a data frame of EPSG projection codes
GDALcall Wrapper functions to allow more direct calling of rgdal C code
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Date 2021-02-03
LinkingTo sp
NeedsCompilation yes
License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://rgdal.r-forge.r-project.org, https://gdal.org, https://proj.org, https://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/rgdal/
SystemRequirements PROJ (>= 4.8.0, https://proj.org/download.html) and GDAL (>= 1.11.4, https://gdal.org/download.html), with versions either (A) PROJ < 6 and GDAL < 3 or (B) PROJ >= 6 and GDAL >= 3. For degraded PROJ >= 6 and GDAL < 3, use the configure argument '--with-proj_api="proj_api.h"'.
VignetteBuilder knitr
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
Packaged 2021-02-02 20:39:29 UTC; rsb
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2021-02-03 10:50:03 UTC

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