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3D Visualization Using OpenGL

Provides medium to high level functions for 3D interactive graphics, including functions modelled on base graphics (plot3d(), etc.) as well as functions for constructing representations of geometric objects (cube3d(), etc.). Output may be on screen using OpenGL, or to various standard 3D file formats including WebGL, PLY, OBJ, STL as well as 2D image formats, including PNG, Postscript, SVG, PGF.

Functions in rgl

Name Description
points3d add primitive set shape
axes3d Draw boxes, axes and other text outside the data
asRow Convenience functions for rgl HTML layouts
as.mesh3d.ashape3d Convert alpha-shape surface of a cloud of points to mesh3d object.
arc3d Draw arcs.
rgl.bbox Set up Bounding Box decoration
abclines3d Lines intersecting the bounding box
identify3d Identify points in plot.
import Imported from magrittr
persp3d Surface plots
planes3d add planes
persp3d.deldir Plot a Delaunay triangulation.
plotmath3d Generate sprites using base graphics math plotting.
polygon3d Triangulate and draw a polygon in three dimensions.
addNormals Add normal vectors to objects so they render more smoothly.
clipplaneControl Sets attributes of a clipping plane.
arrow3d Draw an arrow in a scene.
cylinder3d Create cylindrical or "tube" plots.
ageControl Set attributes of vertices based on their age.
aspect3d Set the aspect ratios of the current plot
rgl.attrib Get information about shapes
play3d Play animation of rgl scene
rgl.Sweave Integrating rgl with Sweave
elementId2Prefix Use widget with old-style controls.
rgl.attrib.info Get information about attributes of objects
rgl.postscript export screenshot
ageSetter Set WebGL scene properties based on the age of components of objects.
grid3d Add a grid to a 3D plot
ellipse3d Make an ellipsoid
rgl.bringtotop Assign focus to an RGL window
hook_rgl Hook functions to use with knitr
bg3d Set up Background
rgl.open 3D visualization device system
shiny Functions for integration of rglwidget into Shiny app.
shinyGetPar3d Communicate rgl parameters between R and Javascript in Shiny.
par3dinterpControl Control rgl widget like par3dinterp().
pch3d Plot symbols similar to base graphics.
plot3d.formula Methods for formulas
rgl.primitive add primitive set shape
matrices Work with homogeneous coordinates
bgplot3d Use base graphics for RGL background
figWidth Get R Markdown figure dimensions in pixels.
extrude3d Generate extrusion mesh
plot3d.lm Method for plotting simple linear fit.
par3d Set or Query RGL Parameters
par3dinterp Interpolator for par3d parameters
propertyControl Controls to use with playwidget().
mesh3d 3D Mesh objects
playwidget Add a widget to play animations.
rgl.setMouseCallbacks User callbacks on mouse events
rglIds rgl id values
propertySetter Write HTML/Javascript code to control a WebGL display.
.check3d Check for an open rgl window.
light add light source
rgl.material Generic Appearance setup
persp3d.function Plot a function of two variables
plot3d 3D Scatterplot
mfrow3d Set up multiple figure layouts in rgl.
observer3d Set the observer location.
select3d Select a rectangle in an RGL scene
rgl.useNULL Report default use of null device.
r3d Generic 3D interface
persp3d.triSht Plot an interp or tripack Delaunay triangulation.
rgl.user2window Convert between rgl user and window coordinates
selectpoints3d Select points from a scene
spheres3d add sphere set shape
readSTL Read and write STL (stereolithography) format files
rglShared Create shared data from an rgl object.
webGLcontrols Write HTML/Javascript code to control a WebGL display.
viewpoint Set up viewpoint
spin3d Create a function to spin a scene at a fixed rate
rglToLattice Convert rgl userMatrix to lattice or base angles
rgl-internal Internal rgl functions and data
rglwidget An htmlwidget to hold an rgl scene.
setUserShaders Set user-defined shaders for rgl objects.
rglMouse Generate HTML code to select mouse mode.
show2d Draw a 2D plot on a rectangle in a 3D scene.
toggleWidget An HTML widget to toggle display of elements of a scene.
rgl.snapshot export screenshot
scene scene management
shapelist3d Create and plot a list of shapes
triangulate Triangulate a two-dimensional polygon.
subscene3d Create, select or modify a subscene.
subsceneInfo Get information on subscenes
writePLY Write Stanford PLY format files
writeWebGL Write scene to HTML.
turn3d Create a solid of rotation from a two-dimensional curve.
rgl-package 3D visualization device system
vertexControl Set attributes of vertices.
sprites add sprite set shape
subdivision3d generic subdivision surface method
rgl.pixels Extract pixel information from window
rgl.select Switch to select mode, and return the mouse position selected.
writeASY Write Asymptote code for an rgl scene
writeOBJ Read and write Wavefront OBJ format files
scene3d Saves the current scene to a variable, and displays such variables.
sceneChange Make large change to a scene from Shiny
rgl.surface add height-field surface shape
surface3d add height-field surface shape
thigmophobe3d Find the direction away from the closest point in a 3d projection.
text3d add text
GramSchmidt The Gram-Schmidt algorithm
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License GPL
URL https://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/rgl/
SystemRequirements OpenGL, GLU Library, XQuartz (on OSX), zlib (optional), libpng (>=1.2.9, optional), FreeType (optional), pandoc (>=1.14, needed for vignettes)
BugReports https://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/rgl/
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-03-12 15:58:50 UTC; murdoch
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-12 17:50:03 UTC

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