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by Hadley Wickham

Tools for Language Objects and Evaluation

A toolbox for working with calls, unevaluated code, and anything related to evaluation in R.



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The rlang package provides tools to work with expressions and calls in R. It is a fork of lazyeval that is larger in scope than just non-standard evaluation.


Install the development version from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_github("hadley/rlang", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Functions in rlang

Name Description
as_name Coerce an object to a name or call.
as_function Coerce to function.
along Helper to create vectors with matching length.
as_quoted_f Coerce quoted expressions to quoted formula.
as_env Coerce to an environment.
abort Signal an error, warning, or message.
arg_expr Find the expression associated with an argument
arg_capture Capture an expression and evaluation environment.
arg_inspect Inspect an argument
arg_missing Generate or handle a missing argument
call_inspect Inspect a call.
call_new Create a call by "hand"
call_fn_name Extract function name of a call
call_fn Extract function from a call
cnd_new Create a condition object.
call_modify Modify the arguments of a call.
ast_ Display a call (or expression) as a tree.
call_standardise Standardise a call against formal arguments
bare-type-predicates Bare type predicates
call_args Extract arguments from a call
env_bury Bury bindings and define objects in new scope.
env_caller Get the environment of the caller frame.
dots_inspect Inspect dots
env_assign Assign objects to an environment.
env_assign_lazily Assign a promise to an environment.
cnd_signal Signal a condition.
env_namespace Get the namespace of a package.
env_clone Clone an environment.
env_scoped Scope environments
env_empty Get the empty environment.
env<- Assignment operator for environments.
env Get an environment.
is_condition Is object a condition?
frame_position Find the position or distance of a frame on the evaluation stack.
frame_dots Extract dots
f_list Build a named list from the LHS of formulas
is_dot_symbol Is object a ..n symbol?
f_rhs Get/set formula components.
f_new Create a formula object by "hand".
f_text Turn RHS of formula into a string/label.
is_formula Is object a formula?
is_frame Is object a frame?
fn_new Create a function by "hand"
is_function Is object a function?
fn_fmls Extract arguments from a function
names2 Get names of a vector.
modify Modify a vector.
is_lang Is an object a language object?
new-vectors Create new vectors.
op-colon-equals Quoting assignment operator.
restarting Create a restarting handler.
return_from Jump to or from a frame.
rst_list Restarts utilities.
rst_abort Jump to the abort restart.
with_attributes Add attributes to an object.
type-predicates Type predicates
fn_env Return the closure environment of a function.
f_unwrap Unwrap a formula
invoke Invoke a function with a list of arguments.
is_call Is object a call?
is_stack Is object a stack?
is_named Is object named?
parse_expr Parse R code.
op-null-default Default value for NULL.
env_has Does an environment have or see bindings?
env_get Get an object from an environment.
with_restarts Establish a restart point on the stack.
stack Call stack information
stack_trim Trim top call layers from the evaluation stack.
env_set Set an environment.
env_unbind Remove bindings from an environment.
op-get-attr Infix attribute accessor.
op-na-default Replace missing values.
exiting Create an exiting or in place handler.
interp Interpolate a formula
has_length How long is an object?
f_eval Evaluate a formula
is_env Is object an environment?
is_empty Is object an empty vector or NULL?
prepend Prepend a vector.
splice Splice objects and lists of objects into a list
set_names Set names of a vector.
prim_name Name of a primitive function
is_true Is object identical to TRUE or FALSE?
with_env Evaluate an expression within a given environment.
scalar-type-predicates Scalar type predicates
rst_muffle Jump to a muffling restart.
missing Missing values.
with_handlers Establish handlers on the stack.
data_source Evaluate a formula
f_quote Interpolate a quoted expression.
expr_eval Evaluate an expression in an environment.
expr_label Turn an expression to a label.
tidy_capture Capture an expression and evaluation environment.
tidy_eval_env Create a tidy evaluation environment.
tidy_quote_expr Untidy quotation of an expression.
tidy_quote Tidy quotation of an expression.
tidy_eval Evaluate a formula
tidy_interp Process unquote operators in a captured expression.
empty_env Get the empty environment.
env_assign_promise Assign a promise to an environment.
caller_env Get the environment of the caller frame.
as_fquote Coerce quoted expressions to quoted formula.
new_f Create a formula object by "hand".
new_fn Create a function by "hand"
ns_env Get the namespace of a package.
new_cnd Create a condition object.
new_call Create a call by "hand"
scoped_env Scope environments
as_tidy_quote Coerce expressions to a tidy formula quote.
tidy_dots Capture dots.
op-definition Definition operator.
new_tidy_quote Create a tidy quote by hand.
new_formula Create a formula object by "hand".
is_integerish Is a vector integer-like?
has_name Does an object have an element with this name?
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