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Simple Interactive Controls for R using the 'tcltk' Package

A set of functions to build simple GUI controls for R functions. These are built on the 'tcltk' package. Uses could include changing a parameter on a graph by animating it with a slider or a "doublebutton", up to more sophisticated control panels. Some functions for specific graphical tasks, referred to as 'cartoons', are provided.

Functions in rpanel

Name Description
poisons Survival times of animals subjected to different poisons and treatment
gullweight The weights of herring gulls captured at different times of year
rp.ancova Interactive analysis of covariance
luthor Repeated measurements on leutinizing hormone in cows
rp.bubbleplot Animated scatterplot
rp.button Button control for rpanel
rp.ci Simulations of normal-based confidence intervals
rp.cartoons Access to a collection of rpanel illustrations
rp.clearlines Remove lines from an rpanel image
SO2 Sulphur dioxide measurements over Europe
rp.deleteline Removes a line from an rpanel image
Clyde Water quality in the River Clyde
rp.do Runs a user-written action function
rp.geosim Interactive visualisation of spatially correlated random fields
rp.grid Define a subsidiary grid within an rpanel
aircond Intervals between the failure of air-conditioning equipment in aircraft
rp.mururoa Sampling in Mururoa Atoll
rp.checkbox A checkbox control for rpanel
rp.notebook Define a notebook within an rpanel
CofE Giving in the Church of England
rp.normal Interactive fitting of a normal distribution
rp.colour.key Creates a colour key.
rp.anova Interactive analysis of variance
rp.block Blocks use of the R console until a panel is closed
rp.panel Returns a panel
rp.sample Interactive demonstration of sampling variation
rp.rmplot Interactive plotting of repeated measurement data
rp.var.get Retrieves an object from the rpanel envrionment, usually from a panel.
rp.var.put Places an object in the rpanel envrionment, usually within a panel.
rp.radiogroup Radiobuttons for a panel
rp.combo A `combo' for a panel
rp.doublebutton Double-button widget for rpanel
rp.firth Geostatistical sampling and analysis simulation tool
rp.regression Graphical display of regression effects (interactive with one or two covariates)
rp.listbox Listbox for a panel
rp.image Placement of an image within a rpanel
rp.gulls STEPS module: the Birds and the Bees
rp.menu Top level menu for a panel
rp.logistic Interactive display of logistic regression with a single covariate
rp.messagebox Displays a message
rp.screenresolution Screen resolution
rp.timer Creates a series of timed actions
rp.pos Positioning controls in an rpanel
rp.slider Slider for an rpanel
rp.widget.dispose Removes a widget
rp.power Interactive power calculations for a two-sample t-test
rp.tkrplot rpanel calls for tkrplot and tkrreplot
worldbank Data on CO2 emissions, GDP, life.expectancy and population for the countries of the world between 1960 and 2007
rpanel-package Simple interactive controls for R functions using the tcltk package
rp.control Create or dispose of an rpanel
rp.tables Interactive statistical tables
rp.surface Interactive visualisation of a surface and its uncertainty
rp.control.put Updates the panel environment with the current value of the panel list object.
rp.likelihood Interactive inspection of one- or two-parameter likelihood surfaces
rp.line Draws a line on an rpanel image
rp.plot3d Interactive display of a plot of three variables
rp.text Text boxes for a panel
rp.plot4d Animated scatterplot
rp.textentry Text entry boxes for a panel
rodent The mass and speed of quadrupedal rodents
river Temperature and DO threshold in the River Clyde
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Type Package
Date 2018-05-03
SystemRequirements BWidget
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData TRUE
Packaged 2018-05-07 07:12:32 UTC; adrian
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-05-07 14:58:19 UTC

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