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Mapping Global Data

Enables mapping of country level and gridded user datasets.


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R package for mapping global data

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install_github('AndySouth/rworldmap', build_vignettes=TRUE) 

Functions in rworldmap

Name Description
setMapExtents Internal function allowing map extents to be set from area names
barplotCountryData Barplot country-level data.
joinData2Map Joins user polygon attribute data to a map
countriesLow a low resolution world map, a vector map of 244 country boundaries, suitable for zooming in on regions or large global maps
addMapLegendBoxes Add a legend of coloured boxes to a map
countriesCoarse a coarse resolution world map, a vector map of 244 country boundaries,suitable for global maps
mapPies function to produce pie charts on a map
countryExData Example dataset for country level data (2008 Environmental Performance Index)
getMap A simple way to access maps stored in the package.
identifyCountries a function that will print country name and attribute values when a user clicks on the map
countryRegions Regional Classification Table
coastsCoarse A map of world coasts at coarse resolution.
isoToName Returns the country name corresponding to the passed iso code (3 letter, 2 letter or numeric).
aggregateHalfDegreeGridToCountries Aggregates global half degree gridded data to countries
rwmGetISO3 Internal function for getting the ISO3 country code for a country name synonymn.
countrySynonyms Synonyms of country names for each ISO 3 letter country code to enable conversion.
mapGriddedData Produce maps of global gridded data at half degree resolution
mapCountryData Map country-level data.
gridCountriesDegreesHalf A gloabl half degree grid specifying the country at each cell
gridCountriesNumeric A gloabl half degree grid specifying the country at each cell
labelCountries to print country labels on a world map
rwmCheckAndLoadInput internal function to check and load input data to mapping functions
mapDevice Creates a plot device set up for maps
rworldmapExamples Example code for plot creation
countriesCoarseLessIslands a coarse resolution world map, a vector map of 177 country boundaries, suitable for global maps
mapPolys Map polygon data.
mapByRegion Produce maps of regional level data from country level data
addMapLegend Add a legend to a map
mapBars function to produce bar plots on a map
mapHalfDegreeGridToCountries Maps user half degree gridded data at country level by first aggregating.
rworldmap-package For mapping global data.
rwmGetClassBreaks Internal function to set the numeric values for the breaks between data categories
mapBubbles function to produce bubble plots on a map, size and colour determined by attribute data
gridExData Example half degree grid data : population estimates for 2000 from IIASA
rwmNewMapPlot Internal function to set up an existing device for plotting maps
country2Region Produce regional data from country level data
joinCountryData2Map Joins user country referenced data to a map
rwmGetColours to choose map colours for classified data
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Type Package
Date 2016-02-03
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-02-03 10:04:28 UTC; andy
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-02-03 12:26:35

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