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Handling of behavioural data from the Ethoscope platform (Geissmann, Garcia Rodriguez, Beckwith, French, Jamasb and Gilestro (2017) <DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.2003026>). Ethoscopes (<>) are an open source/open hardware framework made of interconnected raspberry pis (<>) designed to quantify the behaviour of multiple small animals in a distributed and real-time fashion. The default tracking algorithm records primary variables such as xy coordinates, dimensions and speed. This package is part of the rethomics framework <>.


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scopr is part of the rethomics framework. This README is a short explanation of the basics of scopr. A comprehensive tutorial is available on the rethomics webpage. We also provide a conventional pdf documentation.



Functions in scopr

Name Description
link_ethoscope_metadata_remote Link ethoscope metadata to the matching result files
no_region_id_metadata Simple toy metadata defining three experiments, with one condition (test) per experiment. Implicitly, 20 individuals are in each experiment It serves as a simple example.
region_id_metadata Simple toy metadata experimental conditions for 15 individuals in three experiments. the condition (test) is linked to the experiments, and another condition (treatment) is per individual. It serves as a simple example. #'
list_result_files List all available result files
scopr_example Get path to scopr example
load_ethoscope Load data from ethoscope result files
experiment_info Retrieve information about an experiment
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