Plot method for report_mig_interannual

Several of these plots are scaled against the same year, ie the comparison is based on year 2000, meaning that day 1 would correspond to the first date of 2000, which is also a saturday, the last day of the week.

# S4 method for report_mig_interannual,missing
  plot.type = "standard", timesplit = "mois", silent = FALSE)

An object of class report_mig_interannual


Default standard


Used for plot.type barchart or dotplot, Default mois (month) other possible values are semaine (week), quinzaine (2 weeks), English values within parenthesis are also accepted.


Stops displaying the messages.

  • plot.type="line": one line per daily report_mig

  • plot.type="standard": the current year is displayed against a ribbon of historical values"

  • plot.type="density": creates density plot to compare seasonality, data computed by 15 days period

  • plot.type="step" : creates step plots to compare seasonality, the year chosen in the interface is the latest if silent=TRUE, or it can be selected in the droplist. It is highlighted against the other with a dotted line

  • plot.type="barchart": comparison of daily migration of one year against periodic migration for the other years available in the chronicle, different periods can be chosen with argument timesplit

  • plot.type="pointrange": Pointrange graphs, different periods can be chosen with argument timesplit

  • plot.type="seasonal": plot to display summary statistics about the migration period

  • plot,report_mig_interannual,missing-method
  • plot.report_mig_interannual
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