stargazer (version 5.2.3)

stargazer_stat_code_list: stargazer: list of statistic codes


The following character strings can be used in the keep.stat and omit.stat arguments of the stargazer command.


Statistics codes

"all" all statistics
"adj.rsq" adjusted R-squared
"aic" Akaike Information Criterion
"bic" Bayesian Information Criterion
"chi2" chi-squared
"f" F statistic
"ll" log-likelihood
"logrank" score (logrank) test
"lr" likelihood ratio (LR) test
"max.rsq" maximum R-squared
"n" number of observations
"" null deviance
"Mills" Inverse Mills Ratio
"" residual deviance
"rho" rho
"rsq" R-squared
"scale" scale
"theta" theta
"ser" standard error of the regression (i.e., residual standard error)
"sigma2" sigma squared
"ubre" Un-Biased Risk Estimator
"wald" Wald test