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Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes

Reading, manipulating, writing and plotting spatiotemporal arrays (raster and vector data cubes) in 'R', using 'GDAL' bindings provided by 'sf', and 'NetCDF' bindings by 'ncmeta' and 'RNetCDF'.

Functions in stars

Name Description
c.stars combine multiple stars objects, or combine multiple attributes in a single stars object into a single array
contour.stars plot contours of a stars object
dplyr dplyr verbs for stars objects
make_intervals create an intervals object
as Coerce stars object into a Raster raster or brick
geom_stars ggplot geom for stars objects
cut_stars cut methods for stars objects
ops_stars S3 Ops Group Generic Functions for stars objects
aggregate.stars spatially or temporally aggregate stars object
plot plot stars object, with subplots for each level of first non-spatial dimension
read_ncdf Read NetCDF into stars object
reexports Objects exported from other packages
redimension redimension array, or collapse attributes into a new dimension
st_coordinates retrieve coordinates for raster or vector cube cells
st_rgb reduce dimension to rgb (alpha) hex values
st_crop crop a stars object
st_sfc2xy replace POINT simple feature geometry list with an x y raster
st_apply st_apply apply a function to one or more array dimensions
st_as_sf Convert stars object into an sf object
st_rasterize rasterize simple feature geometries
st_raster_type get the raster type (if any) of a stars object
st_contour Compute or plot contour lines or sets
st_as_stars convert objects into a stars object
st_join.stars Spatially join a stars and an `sf` object
st_xy2sfc replace x y raster dimensions with simple feature geometry list (points, or polygons = rasterize)
st_mosaic build mosaic (composite) of several spatially disjoint stars objects
read_stars read raster/array dataset from file or connection
st_warp Warp (resample) grids in stars objects to a new grid, possibly in an new coordinate reference system
st_dimensions get dimensions from stars object
st_dim_to_attr create an array with dimension values
st_transform transform features, or warp/resample grids in stars objects to a new coordinate reference system
st_extract Extract cell values at point locations
write_stars write stars object to gdal dataset (typically: to file)
stars_subset subset stars objects
st_intersects.stars spatial intersect predicate for stars and sfc object
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Collate 'init.R' 'stars.R' 'read.R' 'sf.R' 'dimensions.R' 'values.R' 'plot.R' 'tidyverse.R' 'transform.R' 'ops.R' 'write.R' 'raster.R' 'sp.R' 'spacetime.R' 'ncdf.R' 'proxy.R' 'factors.R' 'rasterize.R' 'subset.R' 'warp.R' 'aggregate.R' 'xts.R' 'intervals.R' 'geom.R' 'mosaic.R' 'spatstat.R' 'OpenStreetMap.R' 'sample.R' 'extract.R'
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