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Extra String Manipulation Functions

There are some things that I wish were easier with the 'stringr' or 'stringi' packages. The foremost of these is the extraction of numbers from strings. 'stringr' and 'stringi' make you figure out the regular expression for yourself; 'strex' takes care of this for you. There are many other handy functionalities in 'strex'. Contributions to this package are encouraged: it is intended as a miscellany of string manipulation functions that cannot be found in 'stringi' or 'stringr'.

Functions in strex

Name Description
str_give_ext Ensure a file name has the intended extension.
str_extract_non_numerics Extract non-numbers from a string.
str_elem Extract a single character from a string, using its index.
str_before_last_dot Extract the part of a string before the last period.
str_alphord_nums Make string numbers comply with alphabetical order.
str_extract_numbers Extract numbers from a string.
str_can_be_numeric Check if a string could be considered as numeric.
str_elems Extract several single elements from a string.
before-and-after Extract text before or after nth occurrence of pattern.
str_locate_braces Locate the braces in a string.
str_singleize Remove back-to-back duplicates of a pattern in a string.
str_remove_quoted Remove the quoted parts of a string.
str_nth_number Extract the nth number from a string.
str_nth_number_after_mth Find the nth number after the mth occurrence of a pattern.
currency Extract currency amounts from a string.
str_split_by_numbers Split a string by its numeric characters.
str_split_camel_case Split a string based on CamelCase.
str_locate_nth Locate the indices of the nth instance of a pattern.
str_trim_anything Trim something other than whitespace
str_paste_elems Extract single elements of a string and paste them together.
str_nth_number_before_mth Find the nth number before the mth occurrence of a pattern.
str_to_vec Convert a string to a vector of characters
strex strex: extra string manipulation functions
str_match_arg Argument Matching.
str_nth_non_numeric Extract the nth non-numeric substring from a string.
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