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Companion to "Statistics Using R: An Integrative Approach"

Access to the datasets and many of the functions used in "Statistics Using R: An Integrative Approach". These datasets include a subset of the National Education Longitudinal Study, the Framingham Heart Study, as well as several simulated datasets used in the examples throughout the textbook. The functions included in the package reproduce some of the functionality of 'Stata' that is not directly available in 'R'. The package also contains a tutorial on basic data frame management, including how to handle missing data.

Functions in sur

Name Description
Framingham Framingham Heart Study
Stepping Stepping and Heart Rate
IceCream Ice Cream Sales Data
Brainsz Brain Size and IQ Data
Statisticians Significant Statisticians
Impeach Clinton Impeachment Votes
Figure2_4 Figure 2.4. Annual Number of Deaths in New York City: Tobacco vs. Other
Figure15_9 Figure 15.9 Data
NELS National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS) of 1988
Figure3_5a Figure 3.5(A) Data
Marijuana Marijuana Use of Twelfth Graders
Figure3_6and7 Figures 3.6 and 3.7 Data
Wages Wage and Education Data from the 1985 Current Population Survey
Politics Gender and Political Party Affiliation
Figure3_5b Figure 3.5(B) Data
Figure5_5 Figure 5.5 Data
boot.mean Bootstrapped Mean
States Educational Measures of the 50 States and Washington, D.C.
Hamburger McDonald's Hamburger Nutrition Information
Temp Average Monthy Temperatures for Two Cities
UpperBodyStrength Upper Body Strength
line.graph Line Graph
skew.ratio Skewness Ratio
leverage Leverage
skew Skewness of a Distribution
Figure3_2 Figure 3.2 Data
percent.table Percentage Table
se.skew Standard Error of Skewness
ManDext Manual Dexterity
ManDext2 Manual Dexterity (Dataset #2)
Figure3_3 Figure 3.3 Data
levenes.test Levene's Test for Homogeneity of Variance
cumulative.table Cumulative Percentage Table
Likert Likert-Scale Assertiveness Measure
Learndis Learning Disabilities in Elementary Students
the.mode Mode
Figure15_1 Figure 15.1 Data
Chapter14_Figures Exercise 14.1 Figures
Exercise14_5 Exercise 14.5 Data
Figure15_12 Figure 15.12 Data
Blood Blood Pressure Data of African-American Adult Males
Exercise Exercise, Food Intake, and Weight Loss
Anscombe Anscombe's Four Datasets
Currency Value and Circulation of Currency
Basketball Heights and Weights of U.S. Basketball Players
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