Reliability data sets

A set of data for simple reliablility analyses, taken from the book by Meeker and Escobar.


  • capacitor: Data from a factorial experiment on the life of glass capacitors as a function of voltage and operating temperature. There were 8 capacitors at each combination of temperature and voltage. Testing at each combination was terminated after the fourth failure.

    • temperature: temperature in degrees celcius

    • voltage: applied voltage

    • time: time to failure

    • status: 1=failed, 0=censored

  • cracks: Data on the time until the development of cracks in a set of 167 identical turbine parts. The parts were inspected at 8 selected times.

    • day: time of inspection

    • fail: number of fans found to have cracks, at this inspection

  • Data set genfan: Time to failure of 70 diesel engine fans.

    • hours: hours of service

    • status: 1=failure, 0=censored

    Data set ifluid: A data frame with two variables describing the time to electrical breakdown of an insulating fluid.

    • time: hours to breakdown

    • voltage: test voltage in kV

  • Data set imotor: Breakdown of motor insulation as a function of temperature.

    • temp: temperature of the test

    • time: time to failure or censoring

    • status: 0=censored, 1=failed

  • Data set turbine: Each of 432 turbine wheels was inspected once to determine whether a crack had developed in the wheel or not.

    • hours: time of inspection (100s of hours)

    • inspected: number that were inspected

    • failed: number that failed

    Data set valveSeat: Time to replacement of valve seats for 41 diesel engines. More than one seat may be replaced at a particular service, leading to duplicate times in the data set. The final inspection time for each engine will have status=0.

    • id: engine identifier

    • time: time of the inspection, in days

    • status: 1=replacement occured, 0= not


Meeker and Escobar, Statistical Methods for Reliability Data, 1998.

  • reliability
  • capacitor
  • cracks
  • genfan
  • ifluid
  • imotor
  • turbine
  • valveSeat
survreg(Surv(time, status) ~ temperature + voltage, capacitor)
# }
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