tcltk v3.6.2

Tcl/Tk Interface

Interface and language bindings to Tcl/Tk GUI elements.

Functions in tcltk

Name Description
tk_select.list Select Items from a List
TclInterface Low-level Tcl/Tk Interface
TkCommands Tk non-widget commands
tk_choose.files Choose a List of Files Interactively
tclServiceMode Allow Tcl events to be serviced or not
tcltk-package Tcl/Tk Interface
tkProgressBar Progress Bars via Tk
tkpager Page file using Tk text widget
tcltk-defunct Defunct Functions in Package tcltk
tkStartGUI Tcl/Tk GUI startup
TkWidgetcmds Tk widget commands
TkWidgets Tk widgets
tk_messageBox Tk Message Box
tk_choose.dir Choose a Folder Interactively
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.6.2
NeedsCompilation yes
imports utils
Contributors R team

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