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Tcl/Tk Additions

A series of additional Tcl commands and Tk widgets with style and various functions (under Windows: DDE exchange, access to the registry and icon manipulation) to supplement the tcltk package

Functions in tcltk2

Name Description
tcltk2-package Tcl/Tk Additions
tk2dialogs Additional Tk dialog boxes
tk2methods A series of methods applicable to tk2widget or tk2cfglist objects
tk2dde Use DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) under Windows
tk2commands Tk commands associated with the tk2XXX widgets
tk2widgets A series of versatile using either themable ttk widgets
tclVarFun Manipulate R variables and functions from tcl and back
tk2ico Manipulate icons under Windows
tclTask Schedule and manage delayed tasks
tk2fonts Edit a matrix or data frame in spreadsheet-like editor
tk2reg Manipulate the registry under Windows
tk2edit Edit a matrix or data frame in spreadsheet-like editor
tk2tip Display and manage tooltips in Tk widgets
setLanguage Change or get the language used in R and Tcl/Tk
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Type Package
Date 2014-12-19
SystemRequirements Tcl/Tk (>= 8.5), Tktable (>= 2.9, optional)
License LGPL-3 + file LICENSE
Packaged 2014-12-19 16:32:30 UTC; phgrosjean
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-12-20 10:35:06

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