testwhat v4.2.2

Easily write submission correctness tests for R exercises

This package makes it easy for teachers to test students' code submissions for R exercises, e.g., for interactive R courses on \url{www.DataCamp.com}.



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The testwhat package provides rich functionality to write Submission Correctness Tests for interactive R exercises on the DataCamp platform. The package is inspired by Hadley Wickham's testthat package, the standard for unit testing in R. For a detailed guide on how to use testwhat, head over to the wiki. To learn more about course creation for DataCamp, visit our Teach Documentation.



Testing this package

Because testwhat depends on proprietary R packages, you can only run the tests on a system that has these packages installed. If you have the private codecov token, you can also upload the coverage results:

# Run the tests locally

# Run only a part of the tests
devtools::test(filter = "test-object")

# Upload code coverage report to codecov.io
covr::codecov(token = "private_token")

For more details, questions and suggestions, you can contact content-engineering@datacamp.com.

Functions in testwhat

Name Description
is_equal Check equality of two objects
ex Get the main state
get_solution_code Get solution environment (backwards comp)
is_false Check if object is false
is_gte Check >= relation
is_true Check if object is true
get_student_code Get solution environment (backwards comp)
get_solution_env Get solution environment (backwards compatbility)
DC_reporter DataCamp reporter: 'log' test results
check_that Expectation wrapper
reexports Objects exported from other packages
s3definitions S3 definitions
test_code Test the student's code as text
success_msg Define the success message
test_an_object Check if the student defined an object, independent of the name
test_call_result Check the result of a function call/operation
test_call Test whether a student correctly called a function/operator
set_language Specify the language for the automated feedback
test_chunk_options Test whether the student defined the correct chunk options (R Markdown exercises)
override Override the solution code and pd in a state
test_error Check whether the student's submission threw an error.
test_mc Test a multiple choice exercise
test_exercise Run all tests for an exercise
test_library_function Test whether the library function was called correctly
test_expression_result Check the result, output or errors thrown by an expression
test_object Test R object existence and value
test_ggplot Test ggplot call
test_fun_def Check whether the student defined a function correctly
test_control Test if student coded a control statement correctly
test_correct Test things. If it fails, test additional things.
test_rmd_group Test a single R Markdown file group (R Markdown exercises)
test_pipe Test whether a student used the pipe operator sufficiently (ggvis and dplyr exercises)
test_output Check whether the student printed something to the console
test_or Test if one of many test sets pass.
test_predefined_objects Test predefined R objects
test_text Test inline text and formatting (Markdown)
test_props Test whether the student used the correct properties (ggvis exercises)
test_rmd_file Test R Markdown file
test_wd Test whether a file exists
test_yaml_header Test yaml header (Markdown)
testwhat Easily write submission correctness tests for DataCamp
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Type Package
Date 2014-07-31
URL www.DataCamp.com
License MIT + file LICENSE
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 5.0.1

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