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Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are geographical maps in which spatial data distributions are visualized. This package offers a flexible, layer-based, and easy to use approach to create thematic maps, such as choropleths and bubble maps.

Functions in tmap

Name Description
qtm Quick thematic map plot
tm_logo Logo
tm_add_legend Add manual legend
tm_credits Credits text
tm_grid Coordinate grid / graticule lines
theme_ps ggplot2 theme for proportional symbols
tm_iso Draw iso (contour) lines with labels
tm_compass Map compass
tm_lines Draw spatial lines
tm_facets Small multiples
tm_layout Layout of cartographic maps
tm_sf Draw simple features
tm_symbols Draw symbols
tm_text Add text labels
tm_minimap Minimap
tm_fill Draw polygons
tm_view Options for the interactive tmap viewer
tmap_last Retrieve the last map to be modified or created
tmap_leaflet Create a leaflet widget from a tmap object
tm_basemap Draw a tile layer
tmap_mode Set tmap mode to static plotting or interactive viewing
tmap_format Get or add format options
tmap_style_catalogue Create a style catalogue
tmap_icons Specify icons
tmap_animation Create animation
tmap_save Save tmap
tm_scale_bar Scale bar
tm_raster Draw a raster
tmap_style Set or get the default tmap style
tmap_options Options for tmap
tmap-element tmap element
tm_shape Specify the shape object
tmap-package Thematic Map Visualization
tmap_arrange Arrange small multiples in grid layout
tmap_tip Get a tip about tmap
metro Spatial data of metropolitan areas
+.tmap Stacking of tmap elements
print.tmap Draw thematic map
tm_xlab Axis labels
World World and Netherlands map
rivers Spatial data of rivers
renderTmap Wrapper functions for using tmap in shiny
deprecated_functions Deprecated tmap functions
land Spatial data of global land cover
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