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Analysis of Music and Speech

Analyze music and speech, extract features like MFCCs, handle wave files and their representation in various ways, read mp3, read midi, perform steps of a transcription, ... Also contains functions ported from the 'rastamat' 'Matlab' package.

Functions in tuneR

Name Description
Wspec-class Class Wspec
freqconv Frequency scale conversion
getMidiNotes Extract note events from objects returned by readMidi
postaud Equal loudness compression
Waveforms-internal Internal support functions for Waveforms
downsample Downsampling a Wave or WaveMC object
equalWave Checking Wave objects
plot-WspecMat Plotting WspecMat objects
nchannel Number of channels
lpc2cep LPC to cepstra conversion
extractWave Extractor for Wave and WaveMC objects
fftfreqconvmx Internal: Convert FFT frequency bins to Bark/Mel bins
lilyinput Providing LilyPond compatible input
periodogram-methods Periodogram (Spectral Density) Estimation on Wave objects
length S4 generic for length
play-methods Playing Waves
quantize Functions for the quantization of notes
melfcc MFCC Calculation
noSilence Cut off silence from a Wave or WaveMC object
lifter Liftering of cepstra
quantplot Plotting the quantization of a melody
melodyplot Plotting a melody
plot-Wave Plotting Wave objects
readWave Reading Wave files
plot-Wspec Plotting Wspec objects
show-WaveWspec-methods Showing objects
summary-methods Object Summaries
notenames Generating note names from numbers
panorama Narrow the Panorama of a Stereo Sample
tuneR tuneR
spec2cep Spectra to Cepstra Conversion
smoother Meta Function for Smoothers
readMP3 Read an MPEG-2 layer 3 file into a Wave object
readMidi Read a MIDI file
noteFromFF Deriving notes from frequencies
normalize-methods Rescale the range of values
powspec Powerspectrum
updateWave Update old Wave objects for use with new versions of tuneR
prepComb Preparing the combination/concatenation of Wave or WaveMC objects
writeWave Writing Wave files
Mono-Stereo Converting (extracting, joining) stereo to mono and vice versa
WavPlayer Getting and setting the default player for Wave files
Waveforms Create Wave Objects of Special Waveforms
Wave-class Class Wave
WaveMC Constructors and coercion for class WaveMC objects
Wave Constructors and coercion for class Wave objects
Arith-methods Arithmetics on Waves
deltas Calculate delta features
WaveMC-class Class WaveMC
dolpc (Perceptive) Linear Prediction
[-methods Extract or Replace Parts of an Object
FF Estimation of Fundamental Frequencies from a Wspec object
MCnames Default channel ordering for multi channel wave files
bind Concatenating Wave objects
channel Channel conversion for Wave objects
MFCC DEFUNCT: Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
WspecMat-class Class WspecMat
audspec Frequency band conversion
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Date 2018-07-03
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-07-07 22:40:03 UTC; ligges
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-07-08 04:20:03 UTC
imports methods , signal
suggests pastecs
depends R (>= 3.0.0)
Contributors Uwe Ligges

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