tuneR (version 1.3.3)

WaveMC-class: Class WaveMC


Class “WaveMC”.


Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("WaveMC", ...), or more conveniently using the function WaveMC.



Object of class "matrix" containing numeric data, where each column is representing one channel. Column names are the appropriate way to name different channels. The data object MCnames contains a data frame of standard names for channels in multi channel Wave files.


Object of class "numeric" - the sampling rate, e.g. 44100 for CD quality.


Object of class "numeric", common is 16 for CD quality, or 8 for a rather rough representation.


Object of class "logical" indicating whether this is a PCM or IEEE_FLOAT Wave format.


This class has been added in tuneR version 1.0-0 for representation and construction of multi channel Wave files. Objects of class Wave can be transformed to the new class definition by calls of the form as(..., "WaveMC"). Coercion from the WaveMC class to the Wave-class works via as(..., "Wave") if there are no more than 2 channels. Coercing back to the Wave-class can be useful since some (very few) functions cannot yet deal with multi channel Wave objects.

Note that also the Wave-class definition has been extended in tuneR version 1.0-0. For more details see Wave-class.

See Also

WaveMC, Wave-class, MCnames