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Actual Evapotranspiration with Energy Balance Models

Tools and functions to calculate actual evapotranspiration using surface energy balance models.

Functions in water

Name Description
albedo Calculates Broadband Albedo from Landsat data
calcTOAr Calculates Top of atmosphere reflectance
calcH Iterative function to estimate H and R.ah
calcSR Calculates surface reflectance for L7
dailyET Calculates daily ET using Penman Monteith hourly formula for every hour
ET24h Calculates daily ET from a surface energy balance and Weather Station
DEM_Talca SRTM DEM from east of Talca, Chile
checkSRTMgrids Check needed SRTM grids from image extent
calcAnchors Select anchors pixels for H function
createAoi Create aoi polygon from topleft and bottomright coordinates
incLWradiation Calculates long wave incoming radiation
loadImage Load Landsat data from folder
METRIC.G Estimates Net Radiation as in METRIC Model
METRIC.Rn Estimates Net Radiation as in METRIC Model
incSWradiation Calculates Incoming Solar Radiation
getDataWS Export data.frame from waterWeatherStation Object
METRIC.EB Estimates Energy Balance using METRIC2010 Model
print.waterWeatherStation Print method for waterWeatherStation S3 class
hourlyET Calculates ET using Penman Monteith hourly formula
netRadiation Estimates net radiation
outLWradiation Calculates Long wave outgoing radiation
read.WSdata Prepares weather station data
L7_Talca Landsat 7 scene from east of Talca, Chile
LAI Estimate LAI from Landsat Data
plot.waterWeatherStation Plot method for waterWeatherStation S3 class
prepareSRTMdata Create a mosaic with SRTM grid from image extent
METRICtopo Calculates surface model used in METRIC
momentumRoughnessLength Calculates Momentum Roughness Length
SWtrasmisivity Calculates short wave transmisivity
waterOptions Global options for water package
read.WSdata2 Prepares weather station data 2
soilHeatFlux Estimates Soil Heat Flux
surfaceTemperature Estimates Land Surface Temperature from Landsat Data
solarAngles Calculates solar angles
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Date 2016-08-01
License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://midraed.github.io/water
BugReports https://github.com/midraed/water/issues
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Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-12-05 15:21:09 UTC; hornik
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Date/Publication 2016-12-05 18:28:48

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