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Density, Probability, Quantile ('DPQ') Computations

Computations for approximations and alternatives for the 'DPQ' (Density (pdf), Probability (cdf) and Quantile) functions for probability distributions in R. Primary focus is on (central and non-central) beta, gamma and related distributions such as the chi-squared, F, and t. -- This is for the use of researchers in these numerical approximation implementations, notably for my own use in order to improve R`s own pbeta(), qgamma(), ..., etc: {'"dpq"'-functions}. -- We plan to complement with 'DPQmpfr' to be suggested later.

Functions in DPQ

Name Description
dgamma.R Gamma Density Function Alternatives
dtWV Noncentral t Distribution Density by W.V.
dchisqApprox Approximations of the (Noncentral) Chisquared Density
lbeta (Log) Beta Approximations
format01prec Format Numbers in [0,1] with "Precise" Result
b_chi Compute \(E[\chi_\nu] / \sqrt{\nu}\) useful for t- and chi-Distributions
dgamma-utils Utility Functions for dgamma() -- Pure R Versions
dnt Non-central t-Distribution Density - Algorithms and Approximations
DPQ-package DPQ
algdiv Compute log(gamma(b)/gamma(a+b)) when b >= 8
numer-utils Numerical Utilities - Functions, Constants
lssum Compute Logarithm of a Sum with Signed Large Summands
qbetaAppr Compute (Approximate) Quantiles of the Beta Distribution
ppoisson Direct Computation of 'ppois()' Poisson Distribution Probabilities
logspace.add Logspace Arithmetix -- Addition and Subtraction
pnchi1sq (Probabilities of Non-Central Chisquared Distribution for Special Cases
pbetaRv1 Pure R Implementation of Old pbeta()
pnchisqAppr (Approximate) Probabilities of Non-Central Chisquared Distribution
log1mexp Compute f(a) = \(\mathrm{log}\)(1 - \(\mathrm{exp}\)(-a)) Numerically Optimally
lgamma1p Accurate log(gamma(a+1))
pl2curves Plot 2 Noncentral Distribution Curves for Visual Comparison
log1pmx Accurate log(1+x) - x
pnbeta Noncentral Beta Probabilities
qnchisqAppr Compute Approximate Quantiles of Noncentral Chi-Squared Distribution
qnormAppr Approximations to 'qnorm()', i.e., \(z_\alpha\)
pnt Non-central t Probability Distribution - Algorithms and Approximations
r_pois Compute Relative Size of i-th term of Poisson Distribution Series
qtAppr Compute Approximate Quantiles of Non-Central t Distribution
pnchisqWienergerm Wienergerm Approximations to (Non-Central) Chisquare Probabilities
logcf Continued Fraction Approximation of Log-Related Series
lsum Properly Compute the Logarithm of a Sum
newton Simple R level Newton Algorithm, Mostly for Didactical Reasons
qchisqAppr Compute Approximate Quantiles of the Chi-Squared Distribution
qgammaAppr Compute (Approximate) Quantiles of the Gamma Distribution
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