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by Robin Lock

Datasets for "Statistics: UnLocking the Power of Data"

Datasets for "Statistics:Unlocking the Power of Data" by Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock and Lock

Functions in Lock5Data

Name Description
HomesForSale Home for Sale
HockeyPenalties Hockey Penalties
EmployedACS Employed in American Community Survey
SampCountries AllCountries
CommuteAtlanta Commute Atlanta
SandwichAnts2 Sandwich Ants - Part 2
CarbonDioxide CO2
HomesForSaleCA Home for Sale in California
HomesForSaleCanton Homes for sale in Canton, NY
TenCountries Ten Countries
CommuteStLouis Comute times in St. Louis
RandomP50N200 Simulated proportions
BodyTemp50 Body Temperatures
MalevolentUniformsNHL Malevolent Uniforms NHL
ExerciseHours Exercise Hours
StockChanges Stock Changes
CocaineTreatment Coacaine Treatment
HoneybeeCircuits Honeybee Circuits
ToenailArsenic Toenail Arsenic
HotDogs Hot Dog Eating Contest
BaseballHits Baseball Hits
Cereal Breakfast Cereals
OlympicMarathon 2008 Olympic Men's Marathon
CricketChirps Cricket Chirps
FacebookFriends Facebook Friends
CAOSExam CAOS Exam Scores
FishGills12 FishGills12
NBAPlayers2011 NBA Players data for 2010-11 Season
SpeedDating Speed Dating
MammalLongevity Mammal Longevity
CompassionateRats Compassionate Rats
StatisticsPhD Statistics PhD Programs
Digits Digit counts
BikeCommute Bike Commute
LifeExpectancyVehicles Life Expectancy and Vehicle Registrations
GlobalInternet Global Internet Usage
CaffeineTaps Caffeine Taps
MentalMuscle Mental Muscle
ColaCalcium Cola Calcium
RockandRoll Rock & Roll Hall of fame
Lock5Data-package Lock5 Datasets
ICUAdmissions Intensive Care Unit Admissions
SalaryGender Salary and Gender
BaseballTimes Baseball Game Times
WaterTaste WaterTaste
SleepCaffeine Sleep Caffeine
FishGills3 FishGills3
FatMice18 Fat Mice 18
LightatNight Light at Night for Mice
StatGrades Statistics Exam Grades
Flight179 Flight times
RestaurantTips Restaurant Tips
BodyFat Body Measurements
SleepStudy Sleep Study
April14Temps April 14th Temperatures
InkjetPrinters Inkjet Printers
NutritionStudy Nutrition Study
Smiles Smiles
HollywoodMovies2011 Hollywood Movies in 2011
SkateboardPrices Skateboard Prices
StorySpoilers Story Spoilers
NFLScores2011 NFL Game Scores in 2011
HappyPlanetIndex Happy Planet Index
DogOwner Dog/Owner matches
MastersGolf Masters Golf Scores
PizzaGirl Pizza Girl Tips
MindsetMatters Mindset Matters
USStates US State Data
MustangPrice Mustang Prices
StudentSurvey Student Survey Data
WaterStriders Water Striders
FloridaLakes Florida Lakes
TrafficFlow Traffic Flow
TextbookCosts Textbook Costs
MarriageAges Marriage Ages
StressedMice Stressed Mice
MiamiHeat Miami Heat basketball
SandP500 S \& P 500 Prices
Wetsuits Wetsuits
RetailSales Rtail Sales
BootAtlantaCorr Bootstrap Correlations for Atlanta Commutes
AllCountries AllCountries
MalevolentUniformsNFL Malevolent Uniforms NFL
SandwichAnts Sandwich Ants
Benford Benford data
HoneybeeWaggle Honeybee Waggle
ElectionMargin Election Margin
QuizPulse10 Quiz vs Lecture Pulse Rates
ACS American Community Survey
APMultipleChoice AP Multiple Choice
HomesForSaleNY Home for Sale in New York
ImmuneTea Immune Tea
OttawaSenators Ottaw Senators hockey team
NBAStandings NBA 2010-11 Regular Season Standings
GPAGender GPA and Gender
ManhattanApartments Manhattan Apartment Prices
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Type Package
Date 2012-08-20
License GPL-2
LazyLoad yes
Repository CRAN
Repository/R-Forge/Project stat2data
Repository/R-Forge/Revision 60
Packaged 2012-08-20 22:19:37 UTC; rforge
Date/Publication 2012-12-21 08:05:02

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