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Estimate Structured Additive Regression Models with 'BayesX'

An R interface to estimate structured additive regression (STAR) models with 'BayesX'.

Functions in R2BayesX

Name Description
DIC Deviance Information Criterion
FantasyBnd Fantasy Map
GermanyBnd Germany Map
ForestHealth Forest Health Data
GAMart GAM Artificial Data Set
GCV Gerneralized Cross Validation Criterion
bnd2gra Convert Boundary Format to Graph Format
R2BayesX-package Estimate STAR Models with BayesX
GRstats Compute Gelman and Rubin's convergence diagnostics from multicore BayesX models.
ZambiaBnd Zambia Map
MunichBnd Munich Map
bayesx Estimate STAR Models with BayesX
BeechBnd Beech Location Map
bayesx.construct Construct BayesX Model Term Objects
ZambiaNutrition Determinants of Childhood Malnutrition in Zambia
BeechGra Beech Neighborhood Information
add.neighbor Add Neighborhood Relations
bayesx.control Control Parameters for BayesX
parse.bayesx.input Parse BayesX Input
bayesx.term.options Show BayesX Term Options
delete.neighbor Delete Neighborhood Relations
fitted.bayesx Extract BayesX Fitted Values and Residuals
colorlegend Plot a Color Legend
plot.bayesx Default BayesX Plotting
cprob Extract Contour Probabilities
bayesx_logfile BayesX Log-Files
plot2d 2D Effect Plot
get.neighbor Obtain Neighbors of Given Regions
read.gra Read Geographical Information in Graph Format
getscript Generate an executable R fitted model script
bayesx_runtime BayesX Program-Runtimes
summary.bayesx Bayesx Summary Statistics
Interface between nb and gra format Convert nb and gra format into each other
sx Construct BayesX Model Terms in A Formula
predict.bayesx Prediction from fitted BayesX objects
read.bayesx.output Read BayesX Output from Directories
bayesx_prgfile BayesX Program-Files
read.bnd Read Geographical Information in Boundary Format
write.bnd Saving Maps in Boundary Format
samples Extract Samples of Coefficients and Variances
write.gra Saving Maps in Graph Format
shp2bnd convert a shape-file into a boundary object
write.bayesx.input Write the BayesX Program
plotmap Plot Maps
plotsamples Plot Sampling Path(s) of Coefficient(s) and Variance(s)
sliceplot Plot Slices of Bivariate Functions
Interface between sp and bnd format Convert sp and bnd format into each other
plot3d 3D Effect Plot
plotblock Factor Variable and Random Effects Plots
term.freqs Extract model term selection frequencies.
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Date 2017-12-05
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
LazyLoad yes
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2017-12-05 12:37:32 UTC; nik
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-12-05 13:52:46 UTC

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