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A Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behavior Data

Provides miscellaneous functions for carrying out political behaviour analysis, including measures of political fragmentation, seats allocation, and graphical demonstrations.

Functions in SciencesPo

Name Description
griliches76 Griliches's (1976) Data
cv Pearson's Coefficient of Variation
ddirichlet Dirichlet distribution
binomcdf Binomial cumulative distribution function
butterfly The Butterfly Curve
Mode Calculate the Mode
freq Frequency table
destring Factors to numeric
SciencesPo A Tool Set For Analyzing Political Behavior Data
bootstrap Method for Bootstrap
sheston91 The Penn World Table
new.range Scale data to an arbitrary range.
binompdf Binomial probability density function
imputation Simple Random Imputation
categories Extraction of categorical values as a preprocessing step for making dummy variables
bhodrick93 Bekaert's and Hodrick's (1993) Data
farina Farina index
bonett.seier Bonett-Seier test of Geary's kurtosis
gallagher Gallagher index
sample.power Calculates and plots power of one sample
cathedral Cathedrals
label Return or Assign a Variable Label
cox.shugart Cox-Shugart measure of proportionality
lijphart Lijphart index of proportionality
make Create a new Chart
dHondt Method D'Hondt
dummy Generate dummy variables
ci Confidence Intervals
normalcdf Normal Cumulative Distribution
cgreene76 Christensen's and Greene's (1976) Data
insert.row Add new row to dataframe
bar.plot Plot a barplot with ggplot2
mcmc.table Summarize MCMC output in a table-like
james.stein James-Stein shrunken estimates
kurtosis Compute the Kurtosis
grofman Grofman index
hamilton The Hamilton method of apportionment
anscombe.glynn Anscombe-Glynn test of kurtosis
jarque.bera Jarque-Bera test for normality
database Wrapper for dbConnect
mishkin92 Mishkin's (1992) Data
rounded Round numbers with no leading zero
dbTempTable Creates a temporary table in the database
describe Statistical description
outliers Detect Outliers
permutate Create k random permutations of a vector
rdirichlet Dirichlet distribution
gini.simpson Gini Simpson Index
jackknife Resamples Data Using the Jackknife Method
johnson.neyman Johnson-Neyman Regression
skewness Compute the Skewness
sturges Calculate breaks Calculate breaks according to the Herbert Sturges' (1926) formula
nerlove63 Marc Nerlove's (1963) data
scale_fill_pub Scale colors for ggplot graphs
words Word frequencies from Mosteller and Wallace
scale_colour_pub Scale colors for ggplot graphs
geary Geary's test for normality
domain Find WWW Domains
%>% Chain operator
dotfy Replace commas by dots
detail Method to Produce Descriptive Statistics Summary
theme_black ggplot2 Theme with No Background or Gridlines.
swatson93 Stock's and Watson's (1993) Data.
stratified Stratified Sampling
weather NY Weather 1995-2014
galton Galton's Family Data on Human Stature.
anderson.darling Anderson-Darling test for normality
vif Variance Inflation Factor
theme_map Theme for mapping Theme for plotting with ggplot
recode Method for recoding
se Calculates the Standard Error
winsorize Winsorized Mean
crosstabs Cross-tabulation
psum Parallel sum
pause Pause
ltaylor96 Lothian's and Taylor's (1996) Data Set
politicalDiversity Political Diversity Indices politicalDiversity is used to analyze political diversity in a unity or across them. It provides methods to estimate the Effective Number of Parties as well as other diversity measures.
trim Trim white spaces
titanic Titanic
values List the Values of a Variable
svTransform Transform dependent variable
sample.size N for Survey
jensen.shannon Jensen-Shannon Distance
multiplot Multiple ggplot objects
levy.flight Simulates a Levy Walk
voronoi Voronoi diagram
lilliefors Lilliefors (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) test for normality
randomized.block Create Block-randomized designs
turnout Turnout Data
read.zTree Reads zTree output files
theme_pub Themes for ggplot graphs
wtd.var Weighted Variance
Presidents The Measure of US Presidents
invnormal Inverse Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution
lm2eqn Linear model to equation style
draw.norm Shades Normal Distribuion
normalize Unity-based normalization
fade Add transparency
normalpdf Normal probability density function
paired Paired Data
nobs Number of observations
ssex Same Sex Marriage Public Opinion Data
stukel Stukel's test of the logistic link
pie.plot Creates a pie chart using ggplot2.
twins Burt's twin data
timeplot Make the ggplot2 version of TS plots
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