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Exact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis

For a series of binary responses, create stopping boundary with exact results after stopping, allowing updating for missing assessments.

Functions in binseqtest

Name Description
plot-methods Methods for Function plot and points in Package binseqtest
powerBsb Power for binary sequential boundary
binseqtest-internal Internal functions
getTSalpha Two-sided alpha, alternative, and confidence level
analyze Methods for calculating estimates, confidence intervals, and p-values from binary sequential boundaries
binseqtest-package Binary sequential tests
modify Modify binary sequential boundary
designOBF Design Sequential Binary Boundary
EN Expected sample size for boundary.
analyze-methods Calculate estimates, confidence intervals and p-values from binary sequential boundary
summary-methods Methods for Function summary in Package binseqtest
unirootDiscrete Identify where a non-increasing function changes sign
stopTable Create data frame with statistics for stopping boundary
prStop Probabilty of Stopping
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Type Package
Date 2016-12-15
License GPL-3
Collate 'allFuncs.R'
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-12-16 02:34:39 UTC; faym
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-12-16 08:33:45

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